Blog 1- Baker

After learning more in depth about sustainability these first couple of weeks, my mindset about the future success of our world’s environment and economy has broadened more than ever. I defined that sustainability is the actions that are made in order to prevent further environmental problems on our planet. Sustainability is the only way to definitely preserve our world’s “health” in the long run, as well as improve our nation’s economy. I’ve really grasped how sustainability doesn’t only touch on aspects of the environment, but it engulfs all parts of business, economics, and personal health. The 11th hour movie we watched in class really explained this well. The 11th hour movie was interesting, but it was made 10 years ago so I’d like to see another movie set in the current decade. Maybe a “where are we now” kind of movie.

Reading the article Fashion and Sustainability wasn’t necessarily a that shocking of a read for me. We’ve been learning about sustainability (or lack of sustainability) when it comes to the fashion industry since freshman year. There are so many different kinds of ways that the fashion industry is unsustainable. The fashion industry creates water waste due to cleaning, production, and dyeing; landfill waste due to over purchasing and decomposing of garments; and air pollution due to production, transportation, and shipping of fashion goods. Our readings on Easter Island and the Dust Bowl were detailed examples on what could happen to our environment and standard of living if we don’t change using up our resources. They are real life examples of what our normal society could turn in to.

I thought the Wild Thing exercise was interesting as it allowed everybody to read other people’s ideas, and bounce off of them. It was strange to see what other people came up with, but also beneficial to think outside of the box. It has been very beneficial to communicate and brainstorm different ideas with my team members as we all are on different levels of sustainability. When looking up my carbon footprint, I was shocked to see that I stood at only 5 tonnes of CO2. I’m aware of my carbon footprint when it comes to transportation, energy use, and recycling, but I am flawed when it comes to my eating behavior. It says that I eat too much dairy, and throw away too much food. As I try to live a more sustainable life, I hope to encourage others to do so as well. Saving the planet shouldn’t be a hippy or “tree hugging” type of lifestyle. As we are all human on the same planet, we have an obligation to keep things green and healthily growing.

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