Blog 1: Journey to sustainability



When I enrolled into the class I had no idea what I would be learning in this class but I came up with my own definition of sustainability, which was being able to create and come up with different ways to protect our environmental and economic future.




The past couple of lectures we discussed why we should care about sustainability and how it can affect us. We also talked about course objectives. We also did a wild things activity, which was a fun way of coming up with different ideas to have a sustainable future and expand our sustainable way of thinking. I also liked that there was no wrong creation or idea. I also learned in our learning communities while doing this activity that we all have different ideas that are all innovative and I like that we can all put our ideas together to come up with something great.


The 11th hour


I wasn’t very excited about watching this movie because it sounded pretty boring but I ended up finding it very informational and interesting. I found it interesting that some of us believe we are separate from nature and that this ecological/environmental issues wont affect us. I also found it interesting that in order to start fixing this global warming problem we need to be in harmony with nature


Fashion and sustainability


I liked reading about social and environmental impacts in the clothing industry. This could help me in my future career as a merchandiser. I read that the clothing industry is definitely an unsustainable industry from materials, fabric, retail, usage, and disposal.


Easter Island and dust bowl


Reading this made me realize how uneducated we are about our environment. It just makes me upset that we as a society aren’t aware of what is going on in our environment and these are things we need to learn at younger ages.


Fashion sustainability of environmentally healthy design and historic interiors


I liked reading this article because it shows that there are people who take into consideration the affects of harmful materials, installation, and furnishings in businesses, houses, building, etc. I feel like this could really help someone who is going into the interior design field figure how to natural resources and be environmentally conscious while picking out methods of installation, furniture, etc.


I plan on starting being sustainable one step at a time beginning with small things such as light and water usage. I also plan to recycle my bottles at home.

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