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Blog 1 DHM 4573- September 5

The lectures have brought things to my attention that I already think about daily.  Humans just expect things to be there for instance food, fuel, and shelter.  We get up go into the day without thinking about all of the things that make that possible.  The issues we face are very critical in our day to day lives that go unnoticed and do not need to go without understanding.  People need to be aware of their surroundings also the little things that they can do each day to make a difference.  Being aware of waste is one of the most common things that I believe could make a large difference.  People are very wasteful with everything, letting food go bad or throwing out unused items it is an everyday issue for everyone.  Global issues aren’t just to go without problems to discuss and solve.  We need to be more aware and make a difference.

Sustainability in my opinion means being able to make it on your own and help others do the same.  It means being stable and understanding what it takes to make it on your own.  Understanding the environment will help with the process of becoming stable.  The environment keeps a lot of the same patterns however, it does have constant changes the people need to be aware of.  There will always be substantial resources if the resources are taken care of not wasted and replenished.

The 11th hour discusses how important the humans are in protecting the habitat we live in.  People use too many resources to fast importing and exporting goods every day and not understanding the consequences.  Growing more crops, more fertilizer and treatments to grow them bigger and more abundant which is actually causing very harmful effects on everything around us.  The prices along with supply and demand cause overuse of resources.  Nature does for us for free what we pay 35 trillion dollars a year to do.

Fashion sustainability is very useful in understanding and using resources.  The clothing industry is worth over 1 trillion dollars worldwide and employs roughly 26 million people.  Trends going in and out create waste and fashion changes create excess product along with depleting resources.  The wild thing exercise was interesting to see how each individual has their own ideas.  Also to interact and use these ideas to brainstorm together and create new ideas.  Being able to understand differences and build on them is very important in the industry.

My habit was 7.7 tonnes, which explains that I could be more sustainable.  From the way I do my laundry to recycling more.  There are a few things that I could do every day to make substantial changes in the long run.  Understanding energy efficient housing and fuel efficient cars all things that help.

Easter Island was overpopulated and caused the resources to become depleted.  Over population without concern for resources will eventually lead to the downfall of the area be it large and especially be it small.  Concerns need to sharp and accessed to make people aware of the things they need to do to make changes.  Much like the dust bowl of the 1920’s when there were no resources.  People began trying to farm to produce more resources, when actually they destroyed the greatest resource they had the grass and vegetation.  Creating massive dust storms and erosion that still plague the areas today.

Environmentally healthy design and historic interior designers strive to create healthy and safe spaces that limit exposure to dangerous materials and support mental, physical and spiritual health.  By reusing and preserving our existing buildings and keeping history alive.  My journey to be more efficient will start immediately.  I am becoming more aware of my surroundings and the things that I can do to make a difference.  Recycling and conserving resources is where I will start and make changes each day and help others and allow them to teach me to become more sustainable.


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