blog one: My Sustainability Journey

Well, I must admit that I am starting off this semester pretty new to sustainability. I know we’ve talked about it in many other DHM courses, but never much in depth. Originally, I assumed living a sustainable lifestyle meant ideas like recycling, going “green,” being energy efficient, not being wasteful, etc. But I am starting to understand that it can mean so much more than just “going green,” especially from a larger industry standpoint. After watching the “11th Hour” in class, I realized how much of an impact the corporate world, and government for that matter, have on our environment. They said it several times in the film that we are beginning to see nature as property and as being separate from us, when in fact we ARE nature. Because of corporate economic globalization and the mentality of consumers to buy, buy, buy, the Earth’s ecosystems and atmosphere are really beginning to suffer. I really enjoyed hearing all of the sustainable design innovations people are coming up with. I hope to see us begin to work WITH nature instead of AGAINST it.

With all this talk of how the industry is taking a toll on the environment, I found it really interesting to see a representation of how I personally am affecting the Earth. Honestly, my carbon footprint was much higher than I expected. I wish that I could be 100% accurate with my answers but there are some specifics that I kind of just had to guesstimate on. I feel like living the California this summer has influenced my sustainability practices a lot since California is so big on being eco-friendly, recycling, etc. I wish we could work towards that lifestyle here in Oklahoma!

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 11.28.17 PM

From the “Fashion and Sustainability” article, I wasn’t super shocked at what I read. We have talked about how harmful and wasteful the industry is in previous classes, but also how there are companies that are trying to shift the paradigm. It isn’t only the manufacturers and retailers that are causing this harm, but us as consumers too. We are just as wasteful! I think now that people are becoming more and more aware of the issues that they will slowly start to adapt to a more sustainable way of living.

The Wild Things exercise was actually really fun to me. I liked getting to hear another group’s perspective on the problem and get to build off of their thoughts. It kind of gave a little insight into the whole classes’ mindset when it comes to sustainability. I am looking forward to working more with my community group on the projects to come!

— Emily

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