Change Starts With Us

We always hear the word “sustainability,” but do any of us really live to be sustainable to the fullest? Before this class, I didn’t. Sustainability was just another word I heard used from time to time and I knew it was something that was important and something we should strive for, but I never took action to live sustainably. During the duration of this class, I plan to be more sustainable and take the things I learned and apply them to my daily activities once class is over.


The Wild Things activity was very enjoyable. I liked how we passed around a different sheet each time and got to see how another group took the original idea. It was really fun and cool to see how everyone collaborated together to make a solution to the problems. I also like that we did this activity with our learning communities. It was an opportunity to get to know each other and feed off of each other and each other’s ideas.


The 11th Hour documentary we watched in class was very educational. It was so eye opening to see how much the world is being destroyed because humans are using materials as if there is an unlimited supply. We are now starting to reap what past generations have sowed. It blew my mind to see how many natural disasters are happening because of things humans have done to the planet. Humans believe that we are the superior species. This documentary really hit home because of all the forest fires in California and Hurricane Harvey and soon Irma. We can’t keep treating the earth like it is a huge dumpster. We have to take care of our resources and understand that these resources are not going to be around forever. This non sustainable mindset will not end unless we all come together and realize change needs to be made.


The only way things are going to change is if each of us from this class start spreading awareness. If each of us take our own steps to be sustainable and spread the word to our friends and families, we could make a huge impact on the world. We have to start caring about the world we live in. We are the ones that can start the change. I know I will start taking preventative measures in my own life to be sustainable and encourage my friends and family to do the same.

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