Mindfulness and Sustainability

Mindfulness was a very interesting topic to learn about. Until I enrolled in this class, I had never thought about mindfulness. The meditating practice we participated in was eye opening to different ways to be mindful. I have learned that being mindful of the way you act and think effects everything in your future, your day to day decisions in fact. Realizing your surroundings is an important factor of mindfulness. Technology really is a huge factor and distracts us from what is important to look for and be aware of, so, I have taken the knowledge from class and put it to use and I have stayed away from technology as much as I could throughout the week, and it was definitely a positive impact, due to the knowledge of my surroundings, and the pleasant “people-watching” and how they act, etc.

Sustainability and Mindfulness go hand in hand. Coming from hardly knowing anything about sustainability and mindfulness, this is sort of a rude awakening. I personally had no idea what an impact it made on our lives, and the earth as a whole. Since sustainability will forever be a wicked problem, there is hardly a solution. But, together, we can work to a solution. It may not solve every aspect of sustainability, but at least it’s a start. It was exciting to read the “yes” side of the argument and I was disappointed that I missed the discussion on Thursday morning. I found it interesting and eye opening to read about what ways of life and different perspectives had on sustainability and mindfulness.

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