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Hey Everyone,

I hope everyone has had a great two weeks!

So far this class has really challenged me to think outside of the box when it comes to how I look at sustainability. When I think of sustainability from a HDFS perspective I imagine ways in which humans can sustain an overall healthy lifestyle. Also, how we need sustainability when it comes to basic needs such as water, food, and shelter. Without these critical components it can be hard trying to create our own personal “sustainable design”. Although, I’m in a different major outside of DHM; I will have the chance to analyze and critically think about how sustainability plays a major role in interior and apparel design.

This past week our class was given the opportunity to watch a documentary. In this film it stressed the importance of knowing what’s actually happening around us globally. Not only is nature being impacted but humans as well. In the film some of the primary issues discussed: waste, health, air pollution, soil erosion, and global warming. After watching this film did a great job with explain ways that we could come together to make our environment sustainable for the future. Personally, after watching this documentary it made me want be an advocate for the cause, however I know that I can’t make a difference on my own; It’s going to take more than just a few of us coming together. It’s going to take all of us as a team to make a difference when it comes to bettering our environment. With this being said, who is up for the challenge!?!

Also, within these past two weeks I’ve had the chance to work along side a learning community. As team we all worked together to complete the Wild Thing exercise. At first I was a little overwhelmed, because I had never worked on an assignment where I had to share dreams and gripes related to social and environmental issues. Once, my learning community started pitching ideas after awhile everything started to come together and we were able built up on each others ideas to produce a solution to a sustainability problem. Without my LC group, I wouldn’t have been able to imagine different perspective/solutions. As a team we came up with a global sustainability outreach program geared towards environmental health awareness. The two biggest things that I took away from this experience is how we all worked great as a team, and how we challenged /motivated each other to think outside of the box for this assignment.

Some of the biggest lessons that learned after reading this weeks material:

Lessons of Easter Island

  • One of the most isolated islands in the world
  • Originally “forest like” but overexploitation of forest, soil, and other factors contributed to change in ecosystem
  • This example showcases that conservation is important for a sustainable environment
  • Increase in population + over capacity = change in environmental factors
  • Currently have limited resources to support society and all of its demand

Dust Bowl Contributing Factors:

  • Overgrazing/Plowing
  • Drought (severe)/long period without rain
  • High heat and wind
  • Left many farmers without job/low wages
  • Around the time of The Great Depression

Overall, the Lesson of Easter Island and The Dust Bowl all had links to environmental (human vs. nature) outcomes.

I look forward to learning new perspectives on what it means to live a sustainable life. I feel like during the duration of this semester my class will learn how this topic is more than just environmental factors. I personally think there is going to be some type of life lesson by the time this course is finished. Could this type of class help us with figuring out what we want to do 10-20 years from now? Could we all become advocates for this growing issue? Is sustainability really going to be the “major”component? We shall see!

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