What Are We Doing Wrong?

Hello World, or hello to the small amount of people who are actually taking the time out of their days to read this, it’s me. I know you are probably wondering who am I to speak on the topic of sustainability and climate change? And I’ll be the first to admit that I am not an environmental expert. In fact, I am just one college student. But I am one college student who is seeking the knowledge, understanding, and change that is needed to be sustainable.

We are living in a time where evidence of climate change and the negative affect that we have on the environment is all around us. Just take a look at the news: there is flooding in India, Bangladesh, Niger, and Houston, There are wildfires in Oregon, Washington, and California, Florida and the Caribbean are preparing for another hurricane. The weather is trying to tell us something, and yet some of us still aren’t listening. Recently, we watched The 11th Hour, and I was shocked when I realized that this documentary was made ten years ago! I feel like, in the ten years since that documentary, we have only become more uneducated and selfish in terms of the environment. The documentary made a rather harsh, but true, claim that has stuck with me more than anything else. The government will never make laws or regulations in favor of climate change because they are in the pockets of major corporations, and money talks. This is why ordinary people like you and me have to take action and work individually to make a change.

I was asked to take an online test that would determine my carbon footprint, as well as give me some ideas as to how I can personally improve and lessen my impact on the environment. Above, are my results. I found the overall results to be very interesting and fairly accurate to my current lifestyle, however, I thought my footprint would be worse. I would definelty recommend that everyone sit down and do this, it only takes a couple of minutes and it is truly eye opening. Overall, it has made me more conscious of my everyday actions such as the purchasing of plastic or paper/cardboard materials and how I dispose of them. I already find myself actively trying to recycle as a result of this test. I also have become more aware of when I or a friend or family member leaves an electronic device on after using it. It is truly shocking how simple and these things are. We only do them now because we are lazy and they have become a habit, but if we change those habits we can change our future.

So, what are we doing wrong? Well, as a society we are living in blissful oblivion of what the environment is trying to tell us. As a nation, we are struggling to find balance in our capitalist-focused government. As individuals, we are becoming complacent, lethargic, and apathetic. We either don’t realize how significant our everyday lifestyle is to the environment, or we just don’t care. But that can change; I can change, you can change, we all can change. And if everyone makes those changes, together we can change the world.

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