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Before taking this course, I viewed sustainability as how long a piece of merchandise lasted and and thought of products with high sustainability to be good purchases due to the cost per wear theory. I never realized the positive effects it would have on the environment and each of the different levels that went into it. Now I view sustainability as a much broader topic with a deeper meaning and so many more dimensions that we are not even aware of on a day to day basis.


11th Hour Movie:

This movie was extremely eye opening and moving.  It truly motivated me to be more conscious of my daily habits and to see less material objects as a positive instead of a negative. It allowed me to see that the materialistic greed that Americans and many other countries have is effecting the world we live within in an extremely negative way and we are already paying the consequences for useless waste that could be avoided. Everyone has to really come together and realize how each action of our own is effecting the world we live within more than we can imagine.


Fashion & Sustainability Article:

This article really inspired me to be apart of the future fashion industry.  With many companies working towards more efficient and sustainable clothing I am excited to see what products will come out soon and how we can all work together within this industry to help cut back on the wasteful waste.  Every industry is going to have positive and negative side effects and I believe that it is my generations job to come up with more sustainable clothing that has a better effect on the world around us.


My Habit:

Was 6.2 tonnes and I feel that I definitely could do a better job at recycling and using less water than I normally do on a daily basis. That’s going to be a new goal of mine and I will make sure to do the little things because they can truly make a huge difference.


Easter Island:

The over population of this island leads to many economical and environmental issues. When resources become shortened, this leads to many issues and people began trying to fix the issue by creating farms to grow more produce but in the end only ruined their vegetation and the positive resources they had.  The over populated island proved in a smaller scale what will happen to the world if we do not make the small steps necessary to sustain our environment.


What I predict:

I predict I will learn even more about our environment and how to practice safe and ethical ways to create a more sustainable environment. I am excited to continuing opening my mind to new lifestyle choices that will benefit myself as well as the environment in which I live within and hopefully many people for many more generations.

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