3 Weeks In

I’ve survived my third week of classes! Woo! A highlight of this class so far has been learning more about sustainable practices. Everything we have read and seen so far has taught me something new about being sustainable. Which should be expected right?? This class is about sustainability! It’s just interesting to me that each class time I have learned something new. You would think it is like that in every class, but not so much. I retain most information in classes that I actually enjoy being in.

Out of all the articles we had assigned this week, I enjoyed the cartoonist one the most. I thought it perfectly described the way I think. I’ll explain what I mean. So, there are many people that think ‘being weird‘ and ‘out of the box’ doesn’t have a place in the work field. However, that is completely false. There are certain areas where these creative thoughts are needed and could be very beneficial to a company. I feel as if the creative thinkers will be more into their work, simply because it is coming naturally from them and their own thoughts. In the article, he talks about in order to get his thoughts flowing he will set time aside for himself, get comfortable, and do nothing. His mind at that point is his pen and paper. He creates and puts together all of his imagination, physical things mostly.

In our learning communities, we discussed ways in which we could change some sustainability problems. We came up with things like: requiring a sustainability class for everyone, forming more groups/clubs, and spreading more awareness. I really loved the idea that everyone should be required to take a sustainability class. It should be heavily emphasized just like English and Math are, maybe replace the math, but you get my point.

A self-narrative defined in a nutshell is, the story of our life. We are the creators and play the main role in the narrative. In the article, it talks about our ways of positive and negative thinking and how that can control our anticipated behaviors. I feel like this is common sense. If we think positively, we will be more likely to act in a positive behavior. If we are negative, we are less likely to perform positive behaviors.

In class meditation: a whole lot of meditating. I thought this activity was good for us, and very relaxing. I understood the concept. We were told to imagine a variety of situations having to deal with our future. Whenever I am resting, I am more likely to be able to imagine certain things rather than think about the other thoughts going on in my head.

Biomimicry is an interesting subject. In my own words, I would define it as using nature to become more sustainable. Jane Benyus had a very unique way of doing this. She described her process to make sustainable clothing and materials. This process included letting bacteria form in order to produce fibers that actually worked as well as others. The only problem was the water resistance. I found this ted talk to be one of my favorites so far, because of how unique and different it was. Who would ever imagine making clothing materials from growing bacteria?!

Bring on week 4.



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