Blog 2

I thought it was interesting in the lecture on Tuesday when we talked about collaborating with international scientists to create from scratch new sustainable materials through a fermentation process. She took inert to living matter. She brews tea adding sugar then pours it into a growth bath then adds the living organism and acids, then you can recycle some of the liquid. Bacteria are feeding on the sugar nutrients on the liquid, sticking together giving a sheet on surface in a few weeks an inch in thickness forming seams. Iron oxidation using food and vegetable staining and using indigo to make it anti microbial all able to color certain garments. I thought that entire process and how it is using all natural things was super innovative.

I think responsibility mapping is a really good thing, the way that it very clearly separates the responsibilities within the supply chain makes it easy to see what each part of the process is contributing or not. In the role of bringing about change to some sustainability problems, I would like to think I am pretty good at brainstorming ideas, so maybe doing that. Being someone who is constantly looking for different ways to do things or create something.

I thought the reading about Titanistad was really interesting in the way that the author Jim Tull connected a historical event to the consumerism culture that we have become. I think it is very important that he pointed out the possibility of a collapse created by lack of sustainability and innovation. He urges us to sustain the ecological viability of our planet due to systemic gluttony that is eating away at the lessening amount of earth created resources.

I thought the discussion about paradigms was quite interesting. I like that it gave a name to the human domination and ideation that the world has unlimited resources by calling it a dominant social paradigm. Calling nature an income rather than an asset. I totally agree that we should place a higher value and respect on the natural worlds ability to create for us. I think it is super relevant that in every aspect of peoples lives that what you see on the outside or the tip of the iceberg is not even a comparison to everything going on below that. I 100% agree that to bring about a paradigm shift in a community there first must be a behavioral shift in the self-narratives. A little change by a large group of people will provide exponential change in the world; people just have to understand that.

I had an extremely tough time focusing during the meditation process; all the little sounds from everyone around me distracted me constantly pulling my focus away from trying to still my mind. However, I try to imagine a future for myself but often times I feel we try to over plan our lives and when things go awry from that plan it causes us distress. I think as long as you know your values and what is most important to you then that is enough. Sustain your happiness, your goals, your dreams, but always keep in mind what that is changing about the world around you.

I am not really sure how I can use biomimicry since I am not a direct creator other than inside of my classes at OSU. I think as I grow in a career eventually and in that position I can incorporate it in the ways that are allowed through my position, but currently I am not really sure. I thought the TED talk that Janine gave was interesting when she talked about that life adds information to matter, giving structure a function that is different without it. I really enjoyed the Neri Oxman illustration and videos of the silkworm. The way that different environments created changed the shape and structure of the worms home. The way that we can truly breathe life into the products and buildings around us, uniting the robotic side of culture as well as what we have been given naturally. Her statement that design inspired nature must happen I believe is so simple and so incredibly true if we wish to sustain our environment.

-Lauren Burks

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