Complexity Poverty

Poverty has many definitions and can be looked at in many different views. I learned this week that poverty isn’t just about having no money but much more complex than that. According to the Yes Team article from class, poverty is defined as a social condition of chronic insecurity resulting from a malfunctioning of economic, ecological, cultural, and social systems, causing groups of people to lose the capacity to adapt and survive and to live beyond minimal levels of satisfaction of their essential needs. (J.B Hans, 137).
In group discussion we addressed how some people blame the poor for being poor. I was sort of shocked when I heard this because I’m not sure why people would blame someone for something that they can not change on their own. I say this because it was also said in class that their will always have to be someone at the bottom. So then if that’s the case and there will ALWAYS be a portion who is in poverty, why blame them for something that will never change. We were asked a questions that really struck me. The questions was something pertaining how we could improve the poverty problem and a system of giving loans to those in poverty. I thought this was a decent idea. One student said this was a good idea except what if they have nothing to fall back on. When this was said I thought that this was an even more reason to give them the loan. If they have absolutely nothing, give them something.
We were asked why we would be talking about poverty and how it related to our majors. When we were asked this I wasn’t really sure of the answer. I had to really ask myself why. First I knew about how the clothing we receive is from countries who are in poverty. To me I find it very unsettling about how my major does have a correspondent with poverty around the world. It makes you question if your dream major goes against any basic morals one may have. Does this major cause poverty? Am I apart of something bigger than myself? Can poverty be solved with fashion?

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