Fashion in Sustainability

Well week 3 it is crazy that we are already here! This weeks classes really got me to understand more our industries effects on the environment. It definitely led me to a better understanding of what all we do that causes a lot of these wicked problems. I never really realized how wasteful fashion is though. As we discussed in class this week; we go through clothes so fast and buy new styles to keep up with the trends every few months. Most people in class had stated that they wouldn’t want to change the way we work fashion and buying new clothes because we are so used to it. But the way we wear clothes is super wasteful and the production of it is so wasteful as well. Since I only know surface level stuff about this topic it got me super interested into looking more into it for my research project which is why I chose to look into the water pollution the fashion industry causes.

I think this really relates back to my life also because I want to go into this industry, this is what I want to do for a living and I will be surrounded by it all the time. So shouldn’t we know what we are doing to our environment? It really sparked a lot of thought in me this week to get started on my project and really find out. I know poverty takes a huge part in this and the way we have set up our government and way of living we need class systems for it to work, but maybe instead of being wasteful with old fashions they should make sure they are given to people in lower classes instead of creating waste from it. I know in my own personal life and habits its changed my mind and made me want to make sure my clothes don’t go to waste, even though I love keeping up with all the trends of course! Especially because of all the natural disasters going on around the world right now. There is many conspiracies of what is causing it and what is happening of course but I think what we talked about this week just shows another example of what harm our particular industry can put on this world and prime examples of “what can happen” as they say. I don’t know what I believe causes all that or what the water pollution from fashion does but this has made me very eager to start my project and find out more about it.

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