Poverty and Sustainability​

When I think of poverty I picture driving down an Oklahoma City street and seeing a homeless man or women digging through a trash can or the panhandler on the corner with the ubiquitous sign that is always asking for money. That is not always the case as we talked about this week in class. It never occurred to me before reading this article, that poverty was a wicked problem, but there is no way we can solve it because people need jobs and companies need to make income.  Poverty is everywhere, all over the world. But many people cannot help their situations to get out of the poverty level. We also brought up how a lot of the people at the poverty level hold industrial jobs. Some of these industrial jobs such as mining, which we mentioned in class, is not good for our environment, but if we shut down the mining industry their employees lose their jobs creating even more of a poverty issue. A major issue that really stuck out to me was income inequality. A large majority of the impoverished is women and children because in many industries men get paid way more than women do. I think the income inequality is very unfair because I, a woman, could do just as much maybe even more than a male.

Our world revolves around fashion and the new trends. To promote new trends, products are regularly changing and evolving. When a new trend comes out many people may not be able to afford it. There are many people in poverty that have old and worn out clothes but are unable to replace them with something newer. We mentioned in class that instead of everyone going out and buying new clothes it may be more sustainable to repair what they already own. Another way we could make fashion a more sustainable industry is employing local people, using local textiles or materials, and possibly shorten the production runs of each product. Environmental degradation goes much deeper than poverty and fashion trends. There is not a right solution to this issue and maybe one day we will all come together and make it less of a problem.

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