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Past Lectures

This week has been very interesting diving into different aspects of sustainability, not just the basic, going green idea. The articles we have read relating to sustainability have been so interesting. There are so many branches of sustainability to focus on. I find the Titanic very interesting, so reading that article that paralleled the Titanic to our earth was intriguing. I’m an apparel merchandising student so the designers product I found so neat.


Sustainability Problems

Our learning community talked about not just the waste of extra clothes, but he waste that the manufacturing of clothes produced. There is so much water waste used in growing cotton, and in the factories. There is also so much chemical waste in the factories that is being dumped in our water supply as well. We think there needs to be more regulation on the factories producing clothes, because we do not think that they are being monitored enough. They are dumping chemicals at a rate that is destroying our environment. We want to conserve water personally because every effort is important. We would like to make an important on more companies to get on board with out environment, if we can get more and more companies to go green we can work together to make such a difference.



Just as the titanic pictured it to be unsinkable, the earth pictures itself being unsinkable as well. The people on the upper deck sailed in luxury while the guest down below lived in misery and pain; they were the first to drown. The message of the sinking ship was not spread fast enough, by the time they loaded the safety boats, the ship had almost sunk. This article parallels our world.


Self-narratives and Paradigms

The self- narrative is your personal values and beliefs and how you think of the world. I think that paradigms are interesting because scientifically we can know all the problems that are going on in our world, but if we don’t have the values and morals to fix these problems we never will. Paradigms are the basic idea of values and beliefs. We must blend both ideas to make a change in our world. The surface of the iceberg is what we see and know about the state of our environment, the bottom of the ice burg is where the big problems lay. Our everyday lives, how we act, and our beliefs towards the environment is the pattern and structure that leads up to the tip of the ice burg.


In-Class Meditation

Personally I did not like the meditation, for some reason it does not relax and I have hard time collecting myself in that way. I was able to get some imagery and I did not like what I saw. I felt like the world will be a while different place. I had a hard time imagining what my life would be like and what the world would be like. The future of our earth is so unknown and kind of scary. It made me nervous that the people and opportunity that are in my life now will no longer be around as I age. Something from our earth that is worth sustaining to me is the natural wild life and plain lands that we see even here in Oklahoma. Even in Texas I love driving on the road in the middle of nowhere, it truly makes you appreciating our world we live in. As you can tell that was not my favorite activity.



I would use Biomimicry in my everyday life if it was more readily available. I would use products that were created and purchase them. Currently there are not many ways I am able to use Biomimicry. I think that it is an amazing idea that will bring immense sustainability to our planet. I agree with Janine when she says that we as humans don’t have lack of information, but have lack of integration. She is a very intelligent woman and has the power to make great changes. Not only do we need a team of biologist but we need design geniuses as well. There are many geniuses on our planet, but the real geniuses the organisms that were here first.


Neri Oxman

She uses synthetic biology and micro fluidics to create clothing. She uses chlorine combining microorganisms and icily from the human gut. These two microorganisms have never met in nature until this clothing. The evolution by design resembles the digestive track. She is growing these channels with the human body to basically create a wearable digestive system.


Living Product Challenge

They want to make the cycle of products a complete circle. They want to continue to up cycle their materials and goods. There are 3 ways to lignin product certification

  1. To achieve the living product certification: they achieve it by achieving all of the imperatives
  2. To achieve petal certification: they meet the imperative by multiple petals, they achieve at least 3/7 petals, and one must be water, energy or materials.
  3. To achieve imperative certification: They must have 7/20 imperatives, including the 4 core imperatives.-
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