Stylin’ at a low cost

Oh how your mind wonders when you least want it to. In meditation as class begins I often find my mind wondering to the things were going to be talking about in class. Why are they happening? To what extent do I actually understand the meaning and devastating futures that come from them? How could I actually do anything to stop it from continuing?
These questions were particularly on my mind this week as we dove into poverty. Growing up in the Dallas area, poverty has been something I’ve seen all my life. And my whole life, everyone has told me there’s nothing I can do – “it’s just how the system works.” While poverty may always have a place in our society, I know full well there are ways to forget about myself and consider the lives of others, and lend a helping hand. Who know, maybe I’ll use my career to do so. Poverty is a relationships driven aspect of our society. Your relationship with money, and your relationships with others. I have found it to be a matter of who you know, and what connections you h=may have through them. The income gap is entirely driven by this concept.
When discussing the first reading for the week, the idea of obsolescence stuck with me. Our society is completely driven by it. It makes our society go around, once the first thing has lost its excitement, just move on to the next. We just continue to create new products that are just the newer option of something we already had and still works perfectly fine. The culture we are a part of is living in a shiny world and if the product we have right now isn’t shiny enough we just buy the one that is and throw out one that is still perfectly fine. This creates an expanded idea of what a basic need is, making it just that much more difficult for people in poverty to support themselves. This act and idea of materialism is completely out of hand. We just want and want and want and don’t give a care in the world for the people right down the street from us that are struggling to supply themselves with things that are necessary to live.
Something I really enjoyed about this week’s topic is that we didn’t just learn about something that seemed to have no connection to our careers. We spent diligent time focusing on how this matters to what we want to do with our lives specifically. In order to be successful in this field you must be affordable to a wide group of individuals. To do a good job and be affordable one must efficiently use materials of low cost and maintenance. This idea is something I am thoroughly excited to place into my practice.

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