Sustainability and Consumption

I’ve noticed that every time that I walk into class, my mind is always wondering. What will we discuss in class today? Will I feel like I need to give my input on the things we talk about? I just want to know what my phone is blowing up with, will she really care if I take a quick peek at it? Once again, this week we started each class with meditation. I have found meditation a great way to escape from some of these thoughts at the beginning of class. But, it is a lot harder to meditate with music playing in the back ground. I found it distracting and harder for me to focus on meditating. Then in class on Thursday, we tried meditating with an object in our hands. The object that I got was an orange. It was very difficult to meditate with an orange and try to just focus on it. I like to meditate with my eyes closed, so having them open to look at my orange caused my eyes to wander. The more we practice different ways to meditate, the more I realize that I love to meditate in complete silence.

A topic we discussed in class was sustainability through design. I learned from this article that if we are to transform our ways from the “unsustainable” to the “sustainable”, then we need to employ approaches that are precisely characterized by fashion. Also, that we must learn to use less and to use more of what we have that is available, rather than just creating new components over and over. We cycle through new fashion every six months, sometimes even less. The reading said, “fashion is a term that implies change”, and change is exactly what we need. Sustainability requires a drastic in our ecological footprint. This saying leads into what we talked about on Thursday in class.

Thursday in class, we talked about under-consumers and poverty with our yes/no articles. I grew up around the Tulsa area, so I’ve grown up seeing forms of poverty. When I think of poverty, my mind goes to when I went on my mission trip to Arlington, TX. During this mission trip, I saw the worst form of poverty I’ve ever seen. We went to different apartment complexes, most of them weren’t nice at all. I got to see the other side of things that I don’t get the chance to see in my suburb of Tulsa. I saw people living with barely anything, and how much they appreciated the smallest gestures. No matter what we do, I don’t think that we will ever be able to find a way to end under-consumption.

Our fields have a lot to do with under-consumption. The industry targets the poor, undeveloped places. Throughout working towards my final project, I have learned a lot about this. The textile industry is polluting and contaminating water in many countries. The waste is toxic and affects the quality of their water and the health of those near the water source.  The under developed places most of the time lack the resources to fix the problems. I would love to be to help take part in fixing this issue. Most people would just sit and pay little attention to the issue, and not feel the need to make a change. This issue also leads to many environmental issues. Which leads to more wicked problems occurring. Over the past week we have heard many stories about how we are the ones causing the wicked problems. An example of this is all the wildfires breaking out on the west coast and all the hurricane striking the east coast. If WE would change the ways that we do things, then we might not be having all these devastating things happening to us.

I am excited to see what the final week of wicked problems throws at me. This class has made me dig further into my feelings and logic behind things. I want to end this week’s blog with this quote from our sustainability reading, “There is no one correct way and no right solution- approaches and directions will always change as time progresses, as generations change and tastes evolve. This is not necessarily a bad thing- it allows us to hone our approaches, to stay on our toes and to keep things fresh, vital and joyful- which is what fashion is surely about.”

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