The problems behind closed doors.

This week we studied the effects of the fashion industry on our environment and how the constant changes adversely it. The industry focuses on constant change due to the fact that in fashion every 6 months the clothing changes with the weather. But what happens when the weather we are so accustomed to doesnt change like its supposed to? This is the problem we are facing in todays world due to the overuse of available materials we have accessible to us. We took a look into what paradigms meant and how the design paradigm can be shifted with mindful thinking which could also be of use to improving our waste management methods. We looked at how trends are expendable and how the different ones that emerge can affect under and over consumers. We saw how over consumers usually jump head first into a trend and how under consumers suffer socially by not being able to join into the trends of today. In our reading I realized how quick fashion changes, I also realized that those quick and constant changes require a lot of resources and materials. Resources and materials that require lots of production and labor and inevitably, waste. Our waste production due to the changes of the seasons in fashion is growing more and more by the year. In Walkers article he spoke about reforming fashion into a more sustainable way of thinking to reduce the wasteful nature of our profession. It begins with changing the notion of “fashion” disabling the trend nature and putting more emphasis on the longevity of clothing and getting rid of the “throw it out” idea. In our yes no discussion I found it difficult to side with the No side this time, however, through reading the article I found that poverty is not the sole cause of waste production. Instead the blame should be put in big businesses and developing countries. Blame is a strong word, instead the responsibility should fall in the hands of those more capable instead of singling out a population of people for their situation which most were put in due to overpopulation and urbanization. The way to a cleaner more vibrant future lies in the bed of those who have more power and a higher platform than those without.

In class meditation this week was much more interesting on Thursday due to the object we grabbed out the bag and held in our hands. It was extremely interesting to let my mind travel to a different world while focusing on the leaf I held in my hand. I got to realize that leaves have a weird life cycle. They grow, flourish, blow in the breeze and fall off the tree when fall comes. Yet where do the leaves go when spring and summer rolls around? That question popped into my head and from then forth I was taken on a mind journey trying to find the end to the life cycle of a leaf. Since it falling off of the tree was not the end of its journey.

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