The Search for the Key

The amount of thinking I do after I step out of our class is amazing. My mind wonders for hours after, and this has resulted in me truly being mindful and changing things about my lifestyle. This week was very interesting, through the different mediation techniques we practiced and from the things we talked about. Poverty is something that sticks out to me and solutions and ways to help will always remain in my mind. Fashion is also a huge, somethings to huge, aspect in my life, for I love having options and not only does fashion give me that but interior design does as well.

Fashion is a huge concept not only in the United States, but all over the globe. It is a daily conversation, a consent changing trend, and pure joy to some. I have always loved shopping, and some who know me will say I have a problem, but I see it as a hobby. Now I see this hobby has not exactly the most environmentally friendly hobby. From the reading I learned that fashion, and its ability to change constantly, has a huge impact on the environment. Through the over consumption of clothing, to the chemicals that come from it, something clearly has to change. The reading talked about how fashion isn’t necessarily bad, but the way it is created and consumed is. Fashion, like I said above, can be someone’s happiness, and that happiness can be contributing to harming the environment. I am guilty of that, just from walking in the store and buying one shirt, that let me say I do not need, can be harming some part of the world. I love where it said in the reading, “we should be using more of what we have and less of what we do not.” Reusing clothes is something we all should do. Could you imagine how different the fashion world would be if that happened? And not only the fashion world, but also the environment. A key solution in the reading to solving some issues is to create excellence and to be more creative with how we design things. I do believe some companies create clothing at a lower quality just to allow it to wear down and the consumer will have to come back for me. What if this was all changed? I wonder if it truly did, would if affect us in a bad way or in a good way? Does this world need constant changing fashion, or should we slow the change down and start to create something that will help the planet we call home?

Throughout the “No” side of the reading, I caught myself questioning myself often. I have been on several mission trips, have seen the most devastating living situations, and have witnessed what poverty can do to people, but I have never put into thought that poverty is also affecting the environment. Now, I do see differently. In the reading it made many suggestions on how the government should be more involved in taking care of poverty and assisting those without. In my opinion, I do not see that as a good idea. One reason is that just creates more power that the government has on the people. Yes, laws are important, they need to be set, and we the people need to follow them, but for the government to basically have control over us is not something they were never granted. The other reason is that I believe they find many other issues far more important. Will they really take action? Will they see this issue through? In class we talked about private parties having that responsibility, and I find that idea better. It is a challenge though because many people know about the poverty level, but not everyone will take action. The right people need to become invested in helping with the poor and that will hopefully start a decline on the issues that poverty is causing to our environment. It is truly hard to say if all this could really change, but change is what we need the most. So what is next? How can people become more educated in this issue and how can we motivate the them?

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