Beyond the Surface

This past week our lectures were focused on the understanding of what a paradigm is and what we can do to alter or change the paradigms that we have in our lives and the industry. The paradigms that we may have in our lives are the simple mindsets and way of thinking that influence the decisions we make every second. Paradigms are difficult to change, but can be trained individually in our self-narratives which are our personal ways of thinking and making decisions. We can inspire others to change their self-narratives by simply changing our own perspectives and actions. Having an idea in mind about what we want our future to be like can help us change our self-narratives in the present time so that we can reach our future goals. We also discussed Biomimicry and watched ted talks about the importance of creating things using nature as inspiration. If we fabricated materials the way that nature did instead of applying heat, beating and treating method, then maybe we wouldn’t waste so much material.

My group discussed the responsibility mapping technique beginning with the top three environmental problems that the interior design field leaves behind to be waste of materials, a poorly known source of down cycling furniture products after use, and the bulk ever changing trends that create a waste when a new trend is introduced causing the older traditional styles to be discarded. The key catalyst for these problems are similar that the manufacturers begin to create biodegradable furniture and products that won’t be harmful to the environment, or designer furniture that can be remolded to keep up with the ever changing trends. Clients in our industry have the desire to have a unique design yet stay in the realm of the current trends in the world so that they can fit in. The designers and manufacturers can make an impactful change in the industry by creating a sustainable chair that is adaptable to any client’s personal preference that is easy to alter at any time. This product could also be made from a material that wouldn’t be harmful to the environment. As for the consumers, it is important for them to understand the idea of how important it is to live a more sustainable life and that by making fewer selections of furniture that will eventually be discarded after its full use. My role to play could be creating this make believe product to sell and make popular for the industry to promote the importance of sustainability in the interior design industry. In a more realistic perspective, I could also simply promote the idea of sustainability to clients when it comes time for furniture selection and finding companies that have a future sustainable mindset for recycling their sold product after the years of it being used by customers.

The cartoonist article was an interesting read for me to see how creative this guys imagination was coming from a funnier sense of humor and evolving into envisioning possibilities for the future using creative thinking. Having the open mind to think up crazy and loose ideas is a great way to inventing possible solutions to problems occurring in someone’s life. The idea of the parka place being a water proofed jacket and also a pop up tent for someone who may be homeless.

I was entertained by the lesson given about the iceberg and how exposed we are to only really go so far to see surface problems in our world. To go deeper beyond the surface of a sustainability problem to find the patterns that lead to creating the problem and how the beginning structures of our thoughts and mind sets are what lead to those bad habitual patterns which eventually create the problem that everyone will see on the surface. The idea of us individually changing our perspectives and habits to create a better surface solution. The tip of the iceberg that I see is the obsessive nature of everyone buying so much stuff that holds no true sense of permanent pleasure and is a temporary excitement. The pattern is the desire to fit in to be like everyone else who also is buying new stuff to fit in. The structure of this problem is the simple mindset that we aren’t meant to fit in, and to enjoy what you have not what everyone else says you should have.

During the in class meditation, I envisioned my life working from home in my thirty by forty metal rectangular metal home. The gardens outside would be flourishing and the yellow sun would be shining brightly on all of the little blessings surrounding me and my small family. I saw a peaceful happiness by living in harmony with the environment around me. By working from home I would be sustaining the need to drive every day to the city as I do now for work. I wouldn’t have the need to have a large selection of outfits to change up throughout the week because I wouldn’t be seen on a daily basis by anyone but my family and the clients that I would meet once or twice a week for updates on their plans. Instilling this harmony and peacefulness into my children and the way they live their lives would be what is most sustaining to me. I would love to be an example of a God seeking woman and to expose my children to the beautiful wonders of this world that we may miss one day from being consumed by the busy world.

I like the idea of using biomimicry in the design process of creating new product for interiors. I mentioned earlier in this post about the furniture that could be remolded. It would be interesting to find a material similar to the qualities of clay that molds to your own personal design. Or that would change colors as a person changes the accents of the room. These could be reflected by natural beings of the world. I don’t know of any critters or plant life that may have this quality, but if I was to find something that could be molded into a new furniture piece easily while still holding its shape for many years then that’s what I would use. Janine Benyus ted talks are always entertaining to see the new products that are coming out in Biomimicry. My favorite was the airplane example mimicking the whales fin. I can only imagine what these planes wings would look like all bumpy instead a sleek and sharp but the research of Biomimicry behind it is said to make the plane fly twice as fast and waste less gas from one location to the next making it more sustainable.

I loved the video we watched about Neri Oxman and her discovery of mixing natural element that have never come into contact before. The unique shapes formed from these merging of elements to create such unique and interesting clothing pieces seem to have huge possibilities for the future. The designs my need more work to make the clothing look more appealing, but if it was widely accepted by many people then it may be successful in being the very clothing that we could wear someday. I didn’t understand how this new genetic material was made to be considered sustainable or to see how it may be sustainable after use.

I read over the article for living building challenge and the most interesting part of it was the idea to create a production of selected area to be either grown and used for a suburban type setting of community living or to turn more rural areas into grounds for growing producing food and vegetation to grow more of the natural habitat instead of leaving old broken down buildings and machines left to be uncared for. It produced levels of need for livability by humans or for livability for animals and natural plant life without the destruction of humans. It’s a goal to have a meaning and importance to the desire of building new areas without just the greed of money, but it serves more of a purpose to humans and the environment around us.



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