Blog #2


Biominicry is an approaches to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions. I personally think that I would use biomimicry techniques for healthcare purposes. It would be nice if a sustainable solution was created to help with lung and heart transplants. I may be pushing the envelope with this idea, however just imagine if we could use biominicry creations to prevent individuals from having to rely on heart and lung transplants to survive; or if we could find ways to prolong having to receive them. I feel like our world is only going to become more advance, and one day this idea may become reality.

In this weeks Ted Talk, Janine Benyus discussed ways in which investors can solve various design problems if we looked to nature and our surroundings first. During her presentation she showcased how different products are influenced by nature in these ways:

  • How does nature strengthen with minimal material?
  • How can nature filter water?
  • How can nature build multiple functions into one material?

As I watched this video a lot of the things that she discussed honestly went over my head.

Ying Gao

Ying Gao is the future of fashion. This happen to be my first time hearing about her work last week. It’s interesting to see how she’s about to create garments centered around light, air, and sound. I decided to check out some of her work and I found out some interesting things. In one of her designs she incorporated an eye-tracking system/tiny monitors to the dress so that when observers glanced at it the dress moves. Ying Gao has also designed different dresses that curl and unfurl in reactions to light and breathing. Her designs take thinking outside of the box to a different level. I am amazed at how she was able to come up with this innovative idea. She was able to take a creative idea and turn it into reality. Now her work is being shown across the global.

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