blog 2


Blog 2

Abby Schwarz

The past two lectures I’ve had to play catch up because I missed one due to being at the dentist. But the one lecture I attended taught me to look into my own life and see how I myself can be more sustainable. I really enjoyed learning about everyone and how we can each be more sustainable. I also liked watching the TED talks I always find them interesting especially the biomimicry one.

Mapping exercise

I missed the mapping exercise with my group. But I know a big problem with myself is wasting a lot of electricity and water when doing my laundry because I often let it set and never switch it over so in the future I will never let my laundry set and will only have to wash it once that is one way I will be more sustainable.

Reflect on the articles

One of the articles that stood out to me was the titanistad one. What if we are all sinking because no one is caring for the environment? What if we are all slowly killing our planet? How can we stop this? How can we spread the word faster?

Self-Narratives and Paradigms thoughts

I found this interesting because it had me thinking about my own self-narratives. What are my beliefs on the world? What kind of values do I have? Are they normal like everyone else’s? Are they like the Paradigms are they “basic”? Do I live my everyday life in a pattern? Turns out the answer to most of these questions were yes and I realize now I need to break my bad patterns and turn them into better ones. I need to perfect my life to end up at the top of the ice burg or else my problems will force me to the bottom.


The in class meditation when we reflected on our future was very relaxing. I enjoyed the meditation. In the future I walked to work instead of drove that was one of the many sustainable things I saw myself doing in the future. I also had led lighting in my newer home. I lived a very normal life with a great family. I was teaching them how to recycle with an extra trashcan for paper. I look forward to this excellent future.


I remember learning about this some last semester and I remember being fascinated by the spiders web and making something like the spider does. That really stuck with me. I think biomimicry is just being creative and I need to think more like the people who study biomimicry and maybe I’ll come up with something like they have.

Janine is a very inspirational person. I really think she surprises everyone. I enjoyed watching her talk.

Neri Oxman

I couldn’t believe how she created clothing. She used things from the body to make clothes. I was a little grossed out and I don’t know that I could see myself wearing the clothes that she made. I found it very amazing she thought of this idea.

The Living Product Challenge

I found this so cool after being in New York I see the need for buildings to benefit the environment. The trash on the street could create good oxygen instead of polluted. I wish we could figure out a solution. They need to spend more time studying this so we can have a better more healthy environment.

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