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I keep learning so much about sustainability. It truly amazes me that there is so much that people (my self included) don’t know about sustainability. Biomimicry plays such a crucial part of sustainability. I enjoyed learning more about Biomimcry. I hope that someday we all learn to save the planet the Biomimicry way.

In my learning community (learning community 10) we discussed the problem of the packaging of items when you order something online. My learning community is all Apparel Merchandising majors so it was easy for us to talk about problems in our field. We talked about how when you order something their seems to be lots of packaging material like bubble wrap, little plastic popcorn pieces, and all of the cardboard boxes. Some of the solutions we came up with to bring about change is that we should use less materials like bubble wrap and the little plastic popcorn pieces. If we do use these materials they should be designed to be recycled after they have served their purpose. We should also put on the boxes and encourage that people recycle their cardboard boxes. We talked about how in some states there are laws that require the people of that state to recycle everything they can. If they don’t they are fined. We discussed how our government should enforce a law like that. I believe the role that I would play is encouraging the company I end up working for to use less packaging materials and to encourage their customers to recycle the cardboard boxes.

When we talked about self-narratives my thought went to who we are and were we come from. In a since this is true. Paradigms and self-narratives in my opinion go hand and hand. Our story and where we come from influence our life. It changes us and how we see the world. Its what influences our values, beliefs and assumptions. That’s why I really liked when Dr. Jayadas said, “change starts with us.” Its true that it does. The tip of the iceberg can show us what is wrong on the surface but it doesn’t show us what’s wrong underneath which can be worse. The patterns that we keep doing like not recycling and using material like plastic for packaging will come back to get us. It already has but it will be worse the next time around. That is why change starts with us. We can change what we do and encourage others to do the same. We can show others how harming the planet can and has harmed us.

The in-class meditation reflection was not really working for me at first. I really didn’t feel that relaxed or focused. If I am going to meditate I like to do it somewhere quitter. The part about my future made me feel relaxed me. I was able to visuals everything from my home to where I worked and so on. I saw a future where I went to work every morning and worked in a building as a visual merchandiser. I came home and my family was there. When I was driving to work I saw lots of trees and it was very green. My office seemed to have lots of natural light and there were plants everywhere. My future for sustainability was to keep nature all around me. To listen to what it says and to teach others about it and why its important to our world.

In the article about Titanistad I found the comparison between the Titanic and sustainability to be very eye opening. I thought it was interesting how it talked about jumping over board and sustainability. It does take a change of mind to leave everything you ever knew and jump over board. It takes bravery and courage to be different than everyone else. It takes change starting with us to do something bold. Which is why I hope that I can be bold and different.

I would use Biomimicry to change how I live my life. For example I would use it to figure out a way to power my house just like nature does it. The take away from the TED talk for me was releasing that we can use Biomimicry to solve any of our problems. We just have to be constantly looking at nature to help us solver our problems the natural way. I thought that Ying Gao’s clothes were amazing. How she looked at nature and designed dresses that would move like nature was amazing. Neri Oxman’s clothes that she grew and could eventually maybe even heal our body with were very interesting.

By: Hayley Taylor

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