Blog 2

The article that I most enjoyed was “ Looking at the future through a cartoonist’s eyes” because the article highlighted the importance of thinking of the future rather than the now when its concerning the environment. I think that cartoons, sketches and other various forms are art can be a really powerful tool when spreading the word about an issue. The bright colors and intricate lines first draw people in and while they are observing they fully understand what the issue at hand is; whether it be a serious one or a light hearted thing. The article also talked about finding inspiration at odd times during the day, times when you would least expect like when you’re groggy in the morning or just simply driving down the road listening to the radio in your car. For me personally, I find inspiration in other people, their ideas, and their lifestyles. There’s so much diversity in the world, and I want to explore every hidden corner. The artist explained that starting broad is okay but then to narrow down the ideas to a more concrete thing, something you can physically create and see within your mind. He said that thinking of multiple possible solutions to one problem and possibly combining them together until you have a single unique idea that could help the environment or whatever the issue at hand is. I like that this article encouraged creativity and diversity among my peers.

I thought that the past two TED talks were very interesting in the mindset of creating something that nature could respond to. So often we take from the environment and put it into a situation where it can no longer strive and grow. Such as, we cut down trees and turn them into houses or paper or other things that benefit us but results in kills off that thing. These two women talked about creating something that allows the environment to interact and continue to grow so we get the benefit of the environment and the environment gets to evolve.

I really enjoyed the class meditation exercise because it allowed me to see what I find most important in life. When I was imaging my workspace it was very vague and didn’t interest me much. The environment that I work in is important to how productive I will be but really got me thinking was when we were told to thing about our house and who we came home to. I immediate pictured a family home that was within a family friendly neighborhood. I could see children paying in yards with parents close by. When I walked inside the house I saw my husband, three kids and multiple dogs rushing to greet me before I could even close the door. In my life, family is the most important thing to me. I want to be able to work so that I can support my family but I don’t want it to take up so much of my time that I cant watch my kids grow up. My parents constantly reminded me how important family is and that is what I want to teach my kids. This meditation also reminded me what i’m at school for. Most of the time Im stressed about a lot various things but when I pictured my life in 10 years, I feel better knowing that im doing all of this for that future.

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