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Titanistad was extremely devastating to read. I felt the gravity of our impact on the earth. Two different quotes stood out to me in particular.


This is our challenge. The fairness of our world’s systems, structures, and institutions has been challenged for some time, mostly with an aim to reform rather than replace, sustaining the ecological viability of our way of life is a much more recent challenge.”

A good leader is someone who can communicate bad news without overwhelming people.”


The correlation I see between these two quotes is that we need a leader to help challenge us to make a change without overwhelming us that our fate is inevitable and unchangeable. A leader that will inform the public with such fierce audacity that it influences the public to replace our poor habits with ones that will sustain our way of life.

If I had to talk about my own iceberg of sustainability I would start by saying that my tip would consist of the CO2 emissions that I emit as I drive my vehicle, consuming so much of everything and greatly impacting my overall debt, and the amount of electricity or technology I use in just one day. My patterns that lead to those unimaginable sustainability challenges would be constantly driving everywhere instead of biking or walking, never reusing/upcycling all the things I consume, and spending absurd amounts of hours indoors during the daytime constantly on my computer or phone. The structures that cause those patterns are probably mostly due to social norms and the education system, in how they pursue teaching using technology or only indoors. Beneath it all, the beliefs are that driving is good because it allows you to arrive quickly and in comfort with plenty of storage for belongings. Another belief is that you have to always be up to date with the newest things that you see promoted on tv or social media. The last belief would be that with electricity, you cannot go wrong, it is the ultimate power source. Obviously the core beliefs behind it all need some adjusting.

I absolutely loved the in-class meditation and felt content for the first time in a long while. I realized through this exercise that my happiness and my relationship with my sister are what is most worth sustaining to me. It’s so easy to focus on doing the right thing, the thing expected of you to do, the thing that everyone is telling you is right. It often feels impossible to do something just because it makes you happy even if others aren’t necessarily happy with your decision. My happiness is worth sustaining to me. In my moments of meditation, I saw some plants on my desk at my future job site and next to those plants was a picture of my sister and I. That was the only picture on my desk. I realized that of all the relationships in my life, this is the one that is most vital to me to sustain. Long after many friends have left my life and long after my parents have passed on, I will still have her. She means the world to me. She is the one person I can be most open with about anything at all. I cannot imagine a life without her.

I can see endless uses for biomimicry; architecture, fashion, product containers, possibly vehicles. I think my favorite thing that Janine talked about was the cement block that is made of C02 instead of emitting it and how that was brought about from looking at coral reefs. This opened my eyes to the possibilities that I can explore when specifying materials in my career field as an Interior Designer.

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