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I have enjoyed last week’s lectures. I liked all three articles from Tuesday’s lecture. They all provoked a forward thinking mindset which I feel like most of the time we do not have because we are focused on the present and we think that we have plenty of time to plan for the future. I also really enjoyed the meditation we did as a class. I had never done that before and I had never really put that much thought into the details of my future. It was neat to break down each aspect and focus on just that and put all your thoughts onto that one aspect of the future. For example, thinking about where you might work and envision what the office or building will look like. The Biomimicry lecture was also neat. I know more about it thanks to the Problem Solving class and it was great to see the second part to the TED talk. Learning about biomimicry is really neat to me. I never really thought about it before problem solving but now I see it as being a good resource to try to fix some problems that we have in our lives.

Mapping Exercise

One big problem that came up was the issue of fashion waste. I think that is one of the biggest issues within the fashion industry. If companies were able to implement a recycle process into their daily activities I think it would make people more prone to do it. As of right now, most people do not know where or how to recycle clothes. Retailers could help bridge this gap by starting recycling programs and encourage their customers to recycle. This would show that the industry is wanting to make a change and would be willing to do something about it and I think consumers would follow.

Reflection on Articles

The Titanistad article had the most interesting thoughts on what is going on right now with our environment and society. “A world that enriches and empowers the already wealthy and powerful by squeezing the life out of the poor and powerless is horrible, but can theoretically keep itself going.” This quote I think describes how our society is living right now. No one wants to take responsibility for all the pollution on the planet. The way all the issues are going with the environment we are definitely on the Titanic and we need to start getting “lifeboats” and start the process of trying to repair the ship before it’s too late.

Self-narratives and Paradigms

With the sustainability challenge we face, I think the tip of the iceberg is the basic knowledge that there is a lot of air pollution, deforestation is happening, and many animals are going extinct. I feel like most people hear about these three things a lot and that those are really bad things but don’t put two and two together and see that there are numerous other things wrong with the environment and the cause for many things is climate change and the pollution created. Everything under the water that most people can’t/won’t see is everything causing the climate change and the solutions that we ALL need to take. There are solutions that could help the environment but I feel like most people have the mindset of “I’m one person, I can’t impact the environment that much.”

Meditation Reflection

The meditation we did in class was the most relaxing thing I had ever done. I was surprised by how I could actually clear my mind and focus on what was being said and imagine the future. I did imagine some sustainable things in my future. The grocery store I had imagined had reusable bags at the front of the store that you picked up and put whatever items in it and then at checkout you could purchase the bag or use one that you already owned eliminating paper and plastic bags. I also imagined the grocery store having one of the living plant walls on the outside that benefitted the environment. I imagined my house having a solar paneled roof and instead of a trashcan, in the pantry there were bins for recycling items and I had a compost outside in the yard.


Biomimicry I can see being used in the fashion industry in the coloring process of clothing. If we found a better way to dye clothing that was not harmful to humans or the environment would be amazing. That would be one less pollutant that the fashion industry puts out into the environment. With merchandising, having a fixture that was able to move or “grow” like a plant that could accommodate people of all heights.

Reflect on Helen, Ying, or Neri

Ying Gao is an amazing designer. I had never heard about her or seen the clothes before but they are incredible. Never would I have imagined clothes to do that. It amazes me so much what people can do with fashion and how everyone sees something differently. I went back to look at the website again and I have a hard time picking out one of my favorites, they all blow me away.

Living Product or Building Challenge

I really like the idea of the Living Product challenge. It would be awesome if that could implemented across the board in all product categories. It would also be awesome to even get companies on board to try to do this. That could easily be a big step in cutting down some pollution on the planet.

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