Blog #2

Past Two Lectures
In our first lecture that we had we mostly talked about paradigms, which is the way that we see/view things because of our beliefs and views. This made me think about how everyone has their own paradigm because of how they were raised and because that is just the way that they have always done something so they are just comfortable doing things the way that they always have. In the second lecture that we had on Thursday we mainly talked about biomimicry and how others have used biomimicry in clothing and also in buildings. After watching a few of the ted talks about biomimicry you realize how much paying attention to the life around us and how it works can help us in our own lives and how it can help design thing sin our futures.

Mapping Exercise
One of the sustainability problems that we face today is the way that people dispose of their clothes. If people disposed of their clothing properly rather than just throwing it in their trash bins it would help the earth and be better for the environment that we live in. Everyone wears clothes so anyone would be able to benefit from this change in their lives by either passing their old clothes down to others, putting them in clothing recycle bins, or even finding other ways to get rid of them that are more sustainable than just throwing them in the trash.

When it comes to sustainability, most people don’t realize the harm that they are really causing by what they are doing every day. When tying this in with paradigms you think about how people, or even yourself, are just doing what you have always done even if it isn’t healthy for the earth. This is mostly because people get caught up in the routine that they have always lived by and once you do that it is hard to change that routine for most. If people were more aware of what their actions are doing to the environment of the earth, then I think that people would put more effort into changing these harmful things that they are doing for the better.

In-Class meditation
When we did our first in class meditation I found it hard to stay relaxed and in the zone only thinking about the things that I was supposed to be focused on. The background noise was kind of loud for me to focus on the topics that we were being asked of us to think about. There were moments that I could picture myself somewhere else in my future, but when I did I wasn’t focusing on sustainability. Afterwards when we were asked what parts of our futures had something to do with sustainability I really tried to think back on what parts would correlate with sustainability. The most that I came up with was that I pictured myself walking mostly to the places that I would go. I didn’t think about driving around very much but instead was thinking about a day with nice weather and being outdoors to enjoy the day and the weather.

Janine Benyus in her ted talk talked about how much life has to teach us, especially in the way that we design things. She talked about how you have to change the way that you have to look at the world and its different species to find the solutions for the problems that we face. Looking at it this way can help us use these species and animals to redesign things in our lives and make them sustainable. Ways that I can use biomimicry in my life is being able to watch and think outside of the box in ways that may make my life now or in the future more sustainable. By looking at the bigger picture anyone, including myself, can see the problems that are in our futures if we keep doing the harmful things that we are doing. I feel that everyone should be made aware of sustainable ways to live and go about their lives.

Helen Storey
Helen Storey created a “field of jeans” which is literally a field that is filled of sustainable jeans. These earth-friendly jeans are air-purifying and are able to break down air pollutants and make them harmless chemicals all by themselves. I think that this is a very smart idea because everyone wears jeans so if one kind of clothing should be sustainable I think that it should be jeans. Everyone owns at least one pair of jeans if not more so if everyone had a pair of sustainable jeans it would make a larger impact on the environment than any other type of clothing.

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