Blog 2

This week when we did the mapping exercise with our learning communities, my group discussed mostly about the use of packaging in the merchandising industry. All of the members in my group are merchandising majors so we had similar opinions. We discussed that there is still a lot that we could do to improve packaging waste, but there are companies out there that are at least trying. One idea that we came up with was that there could be government regulations to help enforce greener packaging strategies. At this point the choice to be sustainable is mostly up to the company. I think the government should get involved and be more considerate about the health of our environment.

            I really enjoyed the Cartoonist article this week. It was very interesting to me to see how ahead of his time Steve Johnson was. For example, his illustrations of the glasses that very closely resemble the “Google Glass” glasses that were invented 21 years later. I think that examples like this really open my eyes to the fact that I can think that far ahead and use my creativity to express ideas as well. Some of his illustrations were very “out there” but I wouldn’t be surprised if all of them became a reality at one point or another.

I have never done meditation before. I really enjoyed actually visualizing my future and letting my thoughts flow freely without shutting any out. I pictured myself doing the job that I am working towards, so it was nice to see I am headed in the right direction. Sustainability wise, I was living on a farm (must have been my husbands LOL) but we grew our own food either through or crops or in our garden. Where we were located was alive and thriving so it is interesting to think how that scenario could be affected by the changes in our environment.

To touch on the subject of biomimicry, I loved learning more about the whole idea. I have learned about the garments grown in the bathtub using tea, but I never associated biomimicry to all of the possibilities we read about or that were discussed in the TED Talk. I have also always been interested in biology and learning about the science side of our industry. It is really cool to learn that there are more ways to incorporate this knowledge in design and creative careers.

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