Blog 2


The lectures from last week were very interesting. I remember going over Biomimicry in previous classes and ever since then it has always been a subject that strongly interests me. I love the idea of using nature as an inspiration for our own innovations. I hope we continue to talk about this subject so that I can learn more about it and how to apply it to my field of study. In addition,

Mapping Exercise:

I really enjoyed doing the mapping exercise with my group. The fact that we are all Interior Design majors really benefits us and our conversations because we are able to agree on a specific problem and speak about each of our opinions and solutions, such as how to make furniture more sustainable. It’s really interesting to hear everyone’s point of view.


I personally enjoyed the cartoonist article the most. I think it is so important to cautiously think about the future of the planet and how the lack of sustainability now will negatively affect us in the future. It is very easy to just think in the moment and not worry about what’s to come, but that’s the exact problem that is causing the downfall. We need to realize our decisions now are what will come back to haunt us in the future and it was easier for me to understand that by the visuals that were provided.

Meditation Reflection:

The meditation exercise was very different from anything I have ever done in class. I know everyone has their different ways of relaxing and meditating, whether it be yoga or something else. For me, I clear my head with cardio and my favorite music. It’s my favorite thing to do to wind down and reflect on myself and how I’m doing. With that being said, I’m not so sure I enjoyed the exercise in class. I wasn’t able to create a scenario in my head like others. I found myself not being able to stand still which resulted in me opening my eyes sporadically. It wasn’t that I didn’t relax or anything, it just wasn’t the form of meditation and self-reflection that I like to do and I kept waiting for it to be over. Although that is my own opinion, I know that there were others who completely enjoyed the experience. That’s the beauty of difference and how everyone likes different forms of meditation.


Like I stated earlier, I really enjoy the concept and practice of Biomimicry. Janine Benyus’ TED talk helped to define the meaning and purpose of the subject. I enjoyed how she went into depth about different species and how we’ve used their different characteristics to solve specific problems in our world. Nature is something that we CONSTANTLY learn from and she breaks that concept down even more.

Ying Gao:

Ying Gao was super cool! I had never heard of her or her designs prior to class. Although I’m not someone who pays attention to fashion designers very often, she is someone that would be really inspiring to follow and learn from. All the pieces were so unique and interesting, it blew my mind. Not only her designs but the aesthetic of the website is just as cool and draws the viewer to want to see more. Although I don’t fully understand the science and engineering of these garments and how they react the way they do, I was completely entranced.

The Living Building Challenge:

Being an Interior Designer, this was amazing to learn more about. As the industry strives to be more green and sustainable, this concept just becomes more dominant in the process. I think that this challenge is very inspiring in order to create the greenest buildings of them all. Imagine how this would affect our Earth in a positive way?

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