Blog 2

With each week, I learn more and more about sustainability and see how broad of a topic it can really be. The “iceberg” diagram really helped me visualize how we only see a little glimpse of what environmental impact is really going on. I feel as though people turn their noses up to the idea of living sustainably because they don’t fully understand it. Being educated about the subject is the first step to making change and this class has really opened my eyes to all the things I can change to live more sustainable.


“The Cartoonist” article hit me so hard. Some of the drawings featured in the article are what is the reality of today. I’m sure that when Steven Johnson was creating these drawings, he didn’t think that some of them would actually happen. With the help of Johnson’s cartoons, he has helped people see out of the box, crazy ideas become true and relevant to our world today.


When we were first told to meditate, I wasn’t really into it. I don’t think meditation works because its always times when I have too much time to think, I tend to over think. When the white noise was turned on, that really helped. I turn on white noise when I study because it helps me focus on the noise and not the 20 million thoughts running through my head. During this time, we were given a chance to reflect on ourselves and image how we want our lives to be. I imagined myself as being very successful, living in a big house with a little bit of land, and being a part of a very successful company. I don’t like to give myself definitives because if things don’t go according to that plan, I get very upset. I tried to keep it broad for the sake of my hyper active imagination. In the end, I really enjoyed the meditation because it gave me a chance to just sit and breathe during my really stressful week.


Biomimicry is such a fascinating concept to me and I don’t think it will ever cease to amaze me. I think it is incredible that people have finally started looking toward nature for solutions to problems instead of creating more problems. While I personally would probably never go into the field of biomimicry, I respect it and can’t wait to see people’s biomimicry designs evolve and become more integrated in our day to day lives.

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