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This week’s lectures over biomimicry and how we think astounded me. I have never thought so in depth about biomimicry especially in how it relates to apparel and architecture. Some of the things we learned about make so much since I find it ridiculous that we aren’t already doing these things. Thinking about buildings that can grow and regenerate on their own is an incredible thought. It would be so much more sustainable and in my opinion be much more appealing to the eye. Another thing I have been thinking a lot about when it comes to biomimicry is how would these buildings handle natural disasters. We have had 3 hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean in the past week. If these buildings are part of nature does that mean they would withstand these disasters better than the buildings, we have now? And if they did imagine how many lives that could save.

Titanistad was an interesting read because it equates the world we live in today to the titanic. It talks about heading overboard which means we are going to have to prepare for the worst if our world starts to collapse. It also talks about “lifeboats” which can be things as simple as community-based economic networks that will be able to function without a global money economy

A paradigm is how we perceive the world. I think for me a change in my personal paradigm would be being able to see a change in the world or how it has changed someone else’s life. I have been trying to live more sustainable but until I see a truly heartfelt story or message from someone who has truly been changed by this process it isn’t feasible for me to say that me recycling or doing other things will be a sustainable practice. My self narrative would be that I am a college student that is trying to get better at sustainability practices. This for me would be the tip of the iceberg. You aren’t seeing the emotional connection I as a person need to be able to live this way for a long period of time.

In class we meditated and I visualized myself with a fulfilling job and also a fulfilling life. The first thing I envisioned for myself was finding love. I am a very love driven person. If I am passionate about something I will do anything to make sure it is achieved or that it is taken care of. This is something that I also want to be sustainable. I would always want my relationships to be sustainable because that means they will stand the test of time.

The ted talks we watched were very interesting to me, especially the ones over biomimicry. Like I said earlier I just find the concept amazing that someday we will be able to make substances that will grow and become complete on their own rather than us having to use heat and pressure to make them. The only problem I can see with this however is that we as humans need instant gratification and buildings that would be made using this method would probably take time. I see this as being the biggest

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