Blog 2

I have enjoyed all the lectures because they all teach and show you a different way of thinking. I enjoy doing activities that make me think about the future because I feel like everyone is too caught up in the present to think about our actions.


During the mapping exercise, my learning community mainly talked about was fashion waste and labor laws. We talked about how these issues are not given enough attention and need to be talked about more. Many companies could work on their recycling practices and the way that they package their products. More retailers could also recycle their clothes or give a discount for bringing in recycled clothes. This would spread more awareness about the need to recycle and reuse your clothing.


I enjoyed reading the Thinking Ahead article by Lombardo because it helped me realize that I need to think about the future more. I enjoyed reading more about thinking about the future and how it can help ones goals and accomplishments. I used to think that if I think about the future too much then I start to worry and think about it in a negative way. After reading this article, I learned of more ways to creatively think about my future in a positive way.


This was my favorite activity that we have done in class so far. I feel like no one takes the time to slow down and really think about their future. I have never taken the time out of my day just to sit and only think about my future because I am too caught up in my busy daily life. My family has always recycled and made sustainability an important part of our daily lives so I did imagine carrying those practices into my future. When I think about my future I think more about what job I will have or where I will live so I liked thinking more deeply into my sustainable practices.


The dying process that is used for clothing is very harmful and needs to be done in a less harmful way. I could see biomimicry being used for this which could greatly impact the earth. If a new way of dying clothing was created then there would do longer be harmful chemicals left on earth from the dye. I enjoyed learning about this subject and Janine’s TED talk helped me understand the topic more. It was interesting to learn about how we have already used different species to solve problems.


I had never heard of these designers but I love seeing and learning about designers so I found it very interesting. Ying Gao’s designs were very interesting to me and I have never seen anything like it. It would be a wonderful experience to be able to work with these designers and learn about how they think. Although I am in merchandising I still enjoy reading about new designers and new creative designs.

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