Blog 2

  • The past two lectures were very insightful. It made me think a lot more realistically within the realm of sustainability. The meditation exercise and looking at Ying Gao and Neri Oxmans designs of sustainability helped me think more about what I can do in real life to help our environment now and in the future.
  • Our group talked about the amount of energy use when washing clothes. There are definitely many ways to go about this sustainable issue and one is doing it the old fashion way which is washing your clothing by hand with soap and water.
  • The Titanistad article I read was a little frightening and eye opening to read. Not being poor allows me to take on this challenge of sustaining our world so we don’t come to the sinking of the Titanic as a whole. Comparing Titanic to our environment really made me realize how important this subject is to our livelihood and environment.
  • During our in-class meditation I unfortunately didn’t envision anything sustainable when meditating my future and what I see. That is something I want to change because I think sustainability is so important and crucial to our society more now so our world can have a future.
  • You might use biomimcry by looking at the form itself or look into what actual living things do to create a similar process.
  • The thing that Jane talked about that stuck out to me the most is that what is important is to not mimic nature but to learn from the living things or organisms and adapting to the way they work and do what they do. Her 3 most important questions to ask yourself is How does life make things? How does life make the most of things? How does life make things disappear into systems?
  • Ying Gao’s clothing that she creates is very beyond creative. It is amazing to see how she uses organisms to adapt her clothing to come to life in a way. Neri Oxman is less focused on fashion and more focused on creating things to help the human body.
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