Blog 2

Each week in class we have discussed new topics relating to sustainability. This past week we read a few articles and listened to a couple of TED talks that touched on ways to rethink how to be sustainable and help save our planets resources.  Every week I am amazed to learn about the different ways people are coming up with solutions to live a more sustainable life.

We read three different articles this week: Looking at the Future Through a Cartoonists Eyes, Thinking Ahead, and Abandoning Ship Titanistad. Out of the three articles, I would have to say the one I enjoyed the most was Looking at the Future Through a Cartoonists Eyes. This article was interesting to read, I found it engaging to read about how a ‘futurist’ could put his creative ideas into an art form. The artist Steven Johnson considers his sweet spot of his cartoons to be “clever-but-dumb”.  I think it would be such an awesome job to have, to create futuristic ideas and try to depict them into a cartoon.

We discussed in our learning communities the sustainability problem of waste and the lack of recycling that is evident around the world.  We brainstormed as a group different ways to bring about change to this problem.  One idea we thought about was charging people in some way for not recycling or rewarding those who do.

The article “Thinking Ahead” talked about self-narratives as being “the story of our lives”. I agree with that definition of a self-narrative.  The article pointed out that we are not only the main character in our stories but also the author and the hero. I thought that was a different perspective to view your life story from.  The article tied into talking about a future consciousness and the value of thinking ahead. It gave different ways to develop a future consciousness which I thought was great and could be beneficial knowledge to many people. I really liked the visual idea of the tip of the ice berg being what people see or the “industry” and below the surface is the bad patterns we make as humans causing more and more problems for our world.

We did a meditation exercise in class that I actually enjoyed. While I was hesitant at first and had a hard time concentrating, as time went on my mind relaxed and focused on the different ideas about my future.  It was nice to sit quietly and have nothing to think about other than small details about what I imagine my future to be like.  It did make me think about some of the practices I do today, and how I could change them to create a more sustainable future not only for myself but other generations as well.

I watched part of the Biomimicry TED talk with Janine in our problem solving class. I found her TED talk to be one of the more interesting ones.  I think the idea of learning from nature and how the natural world already works is such a brilliant idea that could really spark creativity in different areas of design. I enjoyed discussing biomimicry again and getting to watch the second half of the TED talk. I have yet to find a way that I might use biomimicry but I can see so much potential for use from designers.

I read Helen Storey’s Bibliography and was truly blown away by some of the work she has designed.  Her designs are unique, creative and beautiful. My favorite dress that she designed is from her Catalytic Clothing project.  The dress is called “Herself” and helps to purify the air. I found this quote from Helen to be very inspirational, “You are more powerful than you know, just by being human, as much as by being a designer or an artist. Finding the cry you feel compelled to devote yourself to frees you from other worries and distractions, but to find it (and yourself) you need to step into the space of risk.”


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