Blog 2

Week 3 of class was very entertaining for me. I say this because we discussed many things and read many things that I genuinely enjoyed. We talked about many issues and we discussed plenty about creativity in sustainability.

The sustainability problem that my learning community discussed was the issue of packaging in the fashion/retail industry. This is a huge issue when you consider how much inventory a retail store is constantly sending in and out of their store in cardboard boxes. This material could easily be recycled but is often thrown away. I work at a boutique in my hometown and we receive new inventory every single day. At the end of the work day, I am always responsible for disposing of the cardboard boxes in the dumpsters behind our store. I now realize how detrimental this is to our environment and I want to change it. The role I will play in this is facilitating a recycling program at my work the next time that I go home. The key to this is showing my boss and co-workers why sustainability matters and how we can make a big impact with small changes.

My favorite article that we read was “Futurist or Cartoonist”. I thought that the author made very relatable points. I loved when he talked about how he has to work for creativity. He said that he works best in the early morning or when he is going on a casual drive. I found this very relatable because I find myself the most creative and productive in the early morning considering I am a morning person. I also have a six-hour drive home from Stillwater to Lubbock and find myself thinking of random things that get my mind going. I begin to think of ideas that I have never thought of or I think of improvements that I can make to parts of my life in creative ways. I also liked when he spoke about being a futurist. I have always felt that I have strong intuition and this article clarified to me that my intuition correlates with my strong creativity.

The iceberg truly opened my eyes. It was a very good reflection to what is going on in our crazy world right now. I looked at the bottom of the iceberg as all of the damage that we humans are causing to the earth and environment. I looked at the top of the iceberg as what we humans like to think is going on in the world. We like to paint a picture like nothing bad is going on but eventually the bad will outweigh the good and someone will have to deal with the consequences.

I really enjoyed the in-class mediation activity. It allowed me time to think and clear my head. I began to truly think about sustainability in my future and where it could lead me. When I think about being sustainable as a person, I think of my life being very clean. In my vision during my meditation I seemed to be in really clean and put together areas such as my place of work. I enjoyed the activity and it really made me begin to think deeply about my future.

I very much enjoyed the TED talk from Janine Benyus. I had previously watched the first video in Problem Solving last semester and enjoyed this one even more. I enjoyed it so much because I finally wrapped my head around biomimicry. I think at first I was a little skeptical about it but I received some clarification on what it truly is and I appreciate it even more. I think she makes a very valid point that nature has worked for thousands of years so we must learn from it.

I would like to discuss Helen Storey because I was so intruieged by her work. I love that she worked so well in the fashion industry and was able to make herself respectable before she went on a limb and incorporated science into her work. I also love that her work was so beautiful and was scientifically related as well. It is very inspiring that clothing creations can be that beautiful while being sustainable and scientific.

The building challenge was very interesting to me. I like the idea of it because I believe that if we do our best to make a whole building sustainable, that is the biggest step we can take to making a whole town sustainable. It made me think that if we began living building challenges on campus, the whole town of Stillwater would reap the benefits.

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