Blog 2

The past two lectures have forced me to put my life into perspective and see how I might be able to up my sustainability efforts.  The mapping exercise was really cool. We as a group got the chance to talk about how we might be able to lead in the efforts of making the fashion industry more sustainable. It was really encouraging and a really good conversation.

The meditation was something I have never done so it was a very interesting situation for me. It was almost uncomfortable because I truly just had no idea what I was doing, but after having done that I can see how it would be useful to take a second out of my day and just think for a second.  I tend to get so wrapped up in what is going on around me that I don’t have the opportunity to think forward except for when I finally crawl into bed at who knows what hour after a full day of work and then I’m up for even longer so I can see meditation becoming something that is extremely beneficial. During the meditation I could see myself making the dreams I’ve had for so long come true and that was so encouraging, but my problem was that I didn’t ever see a place in that future that I could tie in sustainability and that was difficult because I would love to find a happy medium with that.

The biomimicry TED Talk reminded me a lot of the one we watched of Janine’s last year so I was thankful to kind of already have an idea of what was going to be discussed. She talked a lot about what we can learn from life and nature and that was interesting. I liked how she talked about looking towards nature and other species to find answers to design problems.  I can see that really being applicable to interior and fashion design, but I’m still trying to figure out how I might tie that into merchandising specifically.

I think Ying Gao is incredible in the way she designs her pieces.  I think her thought process is so absolutely out of this world amazing and mesmerizing. It is honestly just so out of the box that it confuses me almost. They remind me a lot of something that would be worn in the Capitol in The Hunger Games series, so futuristic and different that they are almost intimidating. The designs and her ability to bring them to life is so completely and absolutely wonderful and majestic.

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