Blog 2

The past 2 lectures have been an extension on my gathering of knowledge within sustainable design as a concept. I am enjoying learning new ways of design and the great effects it has on the plant.

The main point my learning community discussed in the the responsibility mapping exercise waste amount of wasted cloths that people throw out and don,t recycle.  We then discussed a resolution such as donation or trendy up-cycle to prevent the future waste of clothing, as well as considering the original design of the clothes.

My favorite article this week was the Cartoonist, who views his life as well as the future as he would have designed a cartoon setting. He mentions he is most creative when alone and just relaxing which i found appealing that he can grab a creative thought out of thin air.

I found meditation in class extremely relaxing and stress relieving allowing myself to take the time and reflect on my future and why i am here. This meditation also helped me realized if i want to share a better life for my future i need to start in the present with sustainable lifestyle choices.

The iceberg diagram broke down this issues we face with world problems and that “its just the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to solving the underlying patterns that lead to the development of these issues.

I have previously studied Biomimicry in Problem Solving and i believe if we take the time to study what nature has already produced then we can create anything that is sustainable and environmentally safe. Janine talks about this in he TED talk in a new way of designing/redesigning products that may already exist. She insist on simply studying what nature has to offer as if its an open book and the answers are sitting right in front of us.

I found Ying Gaos fashion collection fascinating in that she could combine forms of design, science, and communication in a outstanding evening gown or dress.

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