Blog 2: The sinking ship

This week we discussed the paradigm, which is a collective mental mode, made up of our values, beliefs, assumptions, and in order to change a paradigm it involves something transformative. We also discussed the differences between paradigm and a self-narrative. I also like the PowerPoint presentations on the titanic syndrome and the social trap. I can relate to the titanic syndrome as I am typing up this blog….

I was absent during the mapping exercise for sustainability problems but I think that coming together is a key catalyst to bringing about change to our community/environment. I believe it is very important for people as a community to come together to bring change to the world for whatever sustainable, economic, social problems that we face.

The Titanistad article really stood out to me. It was a good read that showed us that we are living in a dark age because of greed. Our global economy is a sinking ship and our lifeboats to save us are the community based economic networks that can survive the lack of the global economy. I thought this article was a unique way of showing us the issues we are having in our global economy.

My thoughts on self-narrative are that it basically is what we value, believe, and assume throughout our life experiences. I try to live up to my moral values. Being sustainable is something I definitely want to value. A paradigm is just my perception of the how I see the world. Everyone has there own perceptions and this is how we make goals, rules, etc.

I was also absent for the meditation experience, unfortunately. I would love to experience that because I don’t do it often. I need to do it more to better myself and to take time with myself. It seems very relaxing and a great way to truly discover yourself which could lead to wanting to live a more sustainable and purposeful life.

I think bio mimicry is a great way to actually solving a problem without creating more problems. I like how Janine revealed that we have forgotten that our world is genius. I also like how she says we need to learn from the natural world. Instead of creating more problems by continuously coming up with ideas that don’t work we can still be innovative but also be inspired by nature.

I liked reading about Helen Storey because I would like to someday own my own company. Helen was voted most innovative designer and best designer exporter. Helen and her partner inspired new ways of thinking about art, science, design, etc.

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