blog two: A Paradigm Shift

Wow, we are three weeks in already! This week we discussed a lot about how we think of sustainability, whether this be through our own self narrative or social paradigms. During the mapping exercise, the topic my learning community discussed the most was the use of plastic or paper bags in retail stores. I spoke about how I got really accustomed to bringing in my reusable grocery bag while I lived in LA this summer, and how I wish that more cities/states would adopt the “no plastic bags” law. Or even start offering a paper bag option everywhere instead of just plastic bags. My whole group agreed that the use of plastic bags is out of control in the retail setting. Passing a bag law would be the best way to jumpstart a change. While some people may not mind paying 10 cents for a bag, I know many people like myself would rather not deal with it and just bring their own. I know I hate having to deal with countless plastic bags when I get home, and usually feel awful when I throw them away. If Texas or Oklahoma passed a “no plastic bags” law, I would be a HUGE supporter of it.

The Cartoonist article also had to do with how we think of sustainability, or in this case the future of sustainability. His illustrations of ideas of the future really made me think of how I personally think of the future. I often catch myself thinking, “Oh it doesn’t matter. It will be fine,” but after watching the videos in class and seeing that some of Steven Johnson’s cartoons have become reality, maybe I should start taking some of this sustainability talk a little more seriously. I loved the way Johnson took any basic concept and created some new futuristic concept or situation out of it. It blew my mind even more when he showed how some of his illustrations became reality!

I really enjoyed the meditation we did in class. It made me think of my current self narrative and see how I would want it to develop over time. I saw myself in a gorgeous home office that overlooked the land that we lived on. Our land was still lush and thriving, not bare or covered in concrete jungle. My family was, of course, happy and healthy. We were living our best lives. But with how the current paradigm and social patterns are below the surface, without a shift in the right direction the vision of my future may not be realistic.

I LOVE the concept of biomimicry. While I don’t think it would be something I would ever study, I would definitely implement biomimicry designs into my everyday life or future projects if possible. Whether it is through how I build a home or building or how I run my business, I think using a design or product that works with nature instead of against it could greatly increase efficiency and sustainability.

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