Corrupt thinking​ is a way of life

In the environment, there are so many wicked problems ranging from deforestation to how landfills are affected by the types of furniture we put in them. As future fashion merchandisers or Interior designers, we have a significant impact on environmental issues no one would consider unless they are close to the source. In class, we talked about how the idea and unspoken stigma behind having to always have the “new” of the “new.” This thought process causes a lot of waste and a huge economic burden to always buy something new because it is part of the trend. Trends last anywhere from overnight to months, but they are always changing because inventors are always designing something new. It’s a cycle that will never stop. Trends include clothes, technology, even the kind of food we eat. Having to always clean out your closet and throw away a $40 top you bought two months ago because it isn’t “in style” anymore is a ridiculous way of thinking. I say this, but yet I am so guilty of doing this same thing. It’s so hard to be unique and comfortable in your own skin that people no matter their age are caught in the same situation because it’s a way to fit in. For us, in the fashion/interior design world this is the kind of thought process we thrive on and how we make our livelihood. It’s more of a moral battle in our own heads to be eco-friendly, economically friendly, yet just cheap enough that it will have to be replaced, and just new enough that there will be something else to take its place in a few months yet people still will buy it. It’s a corrupt form of thinking, but it’s what we have to do to be on top of our game and be a competitive asset wherever we work someday.


On the second day, we had a discussion over does poverty cause degradation? The reading states that no being in poverty does to attribute to global degradation. I’m not sure how I feel about this answer though. I do believe that big corporations have a huge part to do with degradation the large amounts of waste and pollutants they are responsible for getting distributed not only in America but they want to save a buck, so they get shipped to other countries that are poverty stricken countries that have no proper way of disposal or regulations on their disposal process. The global population is also an attribute to degradation. The mass amounts of people and land we inhabit cause so many pollutants and economy harming products.

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