Domino Effect

Purchasing a new pair of shoes seems like a normal action for most middle and upper class living in developed countries. Most of the consumers are excited to get, his or her, hands on a brand-new pair of footwear. Consumers in developed countries have various items at his or her finger tips, available for purchase at any time. I am guilty of purchasing an object impulsively disregarding if I really did need it or not. Buying an object out of impulse is normal for most, stores locate candy, magazines, or small knick-knacks for people to add to the shopping cart before leaving. The industry constantly attempts to persuade individuals to buy an object which, he or she, may or may not need. The developed countries continue to progress and over consumerism continues to grow. Although, countries in poverty continue to struggle for survival.

People living in underdeveloped countries battle with incapability to grow out of the state of poverty the country is in. Each country faces its own struggle regarding poverty and there is not one solution to help economically. Food and water are most important factors in maintaining a healthy body, but many people facing poverty are malnourished. Many rely on self-produced farms, but some areas are not suitable for plantations. Climate change affects a regions capability of harvesting crops properly, the weather may become too hot or cold for vegetation. The various toxins released into the atmospheres by vehicles and factories damage the ecosystem and all its inhabitants. Many of the rural residents are forced to seek new homes in urban areas for job opportunities. If the rural families abandon his or her land it becomes vacant and may have less of a chance to prosper. Companies seeking to expand business may also purchase vacant lots and construct factories creating more harmful chemicals towards nature. In the future, there is possibility most rural areas will be gone, because people migrate to cities seeking to improve economically.

So, who is to blame for the environmental damage? There may not be an exact nation or community to blame. I believe mostly every individual has contributed to damaging nature in a small or large scale. The damage might be done by owning a manufacturing company to driving a vehicle daily. The damage may not be done intentionally, most people use vehicles to drive to work, store, or for emergencies. The invention of the car helps society, but also harms it. Each country develops at its own pace, but those developing have the opportunity to go a different route and make better environmental decisions in the progress.

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