Fashion And Poverty

On day one last week we discussed an article that was about fashion and sustainability. I am not oblivious to the fact that the fashion industry isn’t exactly a very sustainable industry, but I found myself a little upset when the article said that fashion is transient, superficial, and rather wasteful. Even though it was a little upsetting, I knew that this was true. Fashion is something that is always changing and we’re always ready for something new. One of the things we talked about in class from the article was that word “obsolescence” meaning that we create things knowing that they will have an end point or go out of style. In the fashion industry this is very true. Trends are made to not last forever and that is how the industry gets us to buy more because our things go out of style and become no longer useful to us.

I love fashion and I always appreciate the different trends and like to keep up with them, but this class has helped me realize how wasteful and bad for the environment that can be. I believe that there is a better way that we could go about fashion trends to make the industry more sustainable, whether it be by recycling old materials or passing things down, it is important that we try and make that change.

On day two we were to read and discuss the “Taking Sides” article about poverty relating to global environmental degradation. Unfortunately I was not in class this day due to being at a funeral, but I read the article and can share my thoughts and what I got from it. The article talks about how developing countries are overusing our natural resources for things like big factories because that is how they get any source of income. Because of all of the factories and thermal plants there is a lot of pollution, which causes environmental degradation. Not only is it causing all of this pollution, but the pollution is also causing a shift in temperature, AKA global warming. It is our job to help these low income countries find a way to stop this environmental degradation by maybe lending out a helping hand. Because not only is this affecting them, but it is affecting all of us on this planet.

I really enjoyed the readings from this past week because they both opened my eyes to so much I didn’t know and understand before. There is so much we could be doing to help our planet and we have to start somewhere. I want to be so much more conscious about what I am wearing and what I do with things when I am done with them because I know that I have contributed to fashion waste and I do not want to be that person anymore. I wish that I could have been in class on Thursday to be able to hear everyone else’s points of view on the “Taking Sides” reading because I also found that article (at least on the “yes” side) to be very insightful and it really made me think about what the world should be doing to help one another.

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