Fashion and Sustainability

In class last week I got to see how fashion is related to sustainability. Considering that fashion is a powerful tool, there are positive and negative aspects to fashion. Fashion is always seeking the next new thing. I learned that fashion fosters creativity, leads to exploring new solutions, and making a sense of individuality. Though it can make us consumers obsessed with becoming too materialistic; more wasteful and harmful to the environment. Thus leading us to find more sustainable solutions.

I never really sat down and thought how fashion was this powerful tool that captures the trends and aspects of modern culture. I always just thought of it as just as blanket term for clothes. To relate it to sustainability we can direct fashion towards sustainability. That will make it a more balanced approach that embraces economic viability. Sustainability is not to our full understanding yet but it is not too far off. In the article, “If the economically developed nations are too advance towards a less materialistic society, to a more culturally advanced meaningful understanding of how we live.” Then we would be on the right path to a more viable sustainable economy. In the end there is no right solutions. As time progresses things change and tastes evolve. Which isn’t always a bad thing. It makes us stay on our toes and keeps ideas fresh.

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