Over the past week we have discussed many topics. Our theme for the week was Wicked Problems and Industry’s Impact on Over and Under Consumers. We discussed wicked problems in fashion, such as materialism, or how it’s always changing including trends, fads, change, currently popular items, and etc. Obsolescence was a big part of the discussion because it shows many certain aspects, ranging from economic to technological to aesthetic/style.

On day two of the week, we discussed poverty and Global Environmental Degradation and how it effects the human environment. I was on the “yes” side, but to be honest, both sides had valid arguments. We talked about marginalization, urbanization, effective policy, and so much more on how poverty and degradation are closely related, or not.

I find it interesting to see how others process these types of arguments. For me, I want to read both sides to see how it really is stated, because I find topics so interesting, and debates are really fun, especially when some can keep a valid conversation going that pertains to the argument.

I am a little nervous about the upcoming due essay, for I’m still not completely sure how my end product will end up. But, I am sure that after I do more research and find out how to put more into my essay next class, that I will be fine.


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