Keeping the old.

I wish I could say that I have been using meditation as a stress reliever these past few weeks but I have honestly not had any time to do it. However, I do love the idea of meditating while doing laundry. Doing my laundry and cleaning my room are always extremely relaxing for me, so next time I clean or fold some clothes I want to remember to clear my head of thoughts. Hopefully doing that every weekend will give me some sense of peace!

This past week’s discussion really stood out to me compared to the other’s we have had in previous classes. Not only did it interest me because we were talking about the fact that my job in the future may be at risk, it also interested me because I felt like I had a heart for this subject. The article this week, stated that fresh new designs are updated to sustain sales. Our discussion considered the effects of fashion and the design’s industry, and the effects of over and under consumers.

For the under consumer’s, it can be difficult for those who are less fortunate to always keep up with the latest trends. Those who are the under consumers cannot afford to buy a new pair of shoes because they are the popular shoes, they may only be able to afford this month’s rent and groceries. Now for the over consumer’s, these are people who buy a new pair of shoes or a new IPhone just because they are the “upcoming” trend. In the article we read the over consumers are considered “wasteful” since they get rid of the trend once it is over.

As an interior design major, I considered the aspects that interior designers are always keeping up with the latest home technology, or the newest Pinterest or Instagram fad. I do agree with the article that the interior design industry can be wasteful when always using fresh new designs and equipment. However, trends in homes such as rustic farmhouse use antiques, and DIY projects to update found objects which are not as uneconomical. The rustic farmhouse trend, in my opinion, is not as wasteful considering all of the “makeovers” interior designer’s can do in this day in order to save a few bucks.

So, how can the interior design industry and consumers reduce their ecological footprint? I think the best way for us to reduce our ecological footprint is to use our old junk!! Honestly, some of the best designers use antiques and add a coat of paint to give them an updated look. Reusing our antiques and making DIY projects out of simple materials can easily reduce our “wastefulness”. Simply updating a vase with a coat of paint instead of throwing it out may sound like a small difference to you, but if we all start to make a difference we can change the design industry altogether.

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