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This week in Sustainability one of the main things I want to talk about in this blog post because it stuck out to me the most, was the activity on meditation.   In class, we closed our eyes and sat completely still, listening to the sound of rain and the murmur of Dr. Aditya’s voice pushing us to imagine our future.  When I imagined waking up 10 or 20 years from now, I pictured a large cute and girly house, I pictured living in a neighborhood with a yard, driving my dream car, a jeep wrangler into the office.  I pictured my workplace to directly reflect my personal style – I had managed to land a job with a fashion company I matched well with and believed in.  The part about living in a neighborhood and driving to work struck me as odd because my entire life I’ve dreamed of living in New York, and after a recent summer there, I know I still want that.  But in this vision I wasn’t in New York.  I think this summer I decided that I didn’t want to live in New York for a long period of time, I certainly don’t want to raise a family there so I found it interesting that without a thought, I pictured my adult life somewhere else.  Am I trying to tell myself something?  It’s kind of scary honestly.  Another thing that really stuck out to me is what my workplace looked like.  Before this summer, I had never given much thought to what my future workplace looked like.  At Michael Kors, the work environment was too bare, too plain.  Everything was white and modern and boring.  It began to weigh on me as the summer progressed.  As silly as it seems, a more playful, colorful and fun work environment positively enhances overall happiness.  I mean, you spend more time at your workplace than you do at home – I’m tired of looking at white walls and grey square couches and glass tables with single white orchids.  Give me the crazy, the weird, the obnoxiously colorful, the over-the-top glittery – that’s what inspires me about this industry and that’s what I pictured walking into when I pictured my future workplace.

This week in sustainability we also went deeper into the topic of biomimicry, a topic we touched the tip of the iceberg of two years ago in creative problem solving.  We watched a continuation of a Janine Benyus lecture as well as read articles on her studies.  It never ceases to amaze me how scientists spend years trying to solve human problems that nature has already figured out, such as the spider that creates resilient fibers from their bodies.

The most intriguing topic we learned about this week are the new studies on silk worms and how to harvest silk without boiling the worms to death.  Scientists have mimicked the shape that silk worms will weave around without creating a cocoon, thus allowing scientists to remove the worms off the giant box form and unwind the silk while the worms live and can do it again.


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