This week we talked a lot about the poor, in fashion as well as the economy. This is something that as a general population is not talked about very often. Most people bring up poverty towards the beginning of a presidential election and then again after to see what the president has done in order to create jobs.

I must say one of the most interesting things that I heard this week was the belief that the poor are really using up our resources. This is in the sense that in not having a house they scatter in areas with fresh water and we decide to put the blame on them for not having enough for the cities. It’s truly amazing to me the way people like to blame others for the way in which we live.

We also talked about our fashion industry, this being clothing, automobiles, and home appliances. In today’s industries we have started making ‘cheap’ products in the sense that they are built to break. They are built with the idea that you’ll have to upgrade them sooner than later. This also doesn’t benefit the poor. For being a country that likes to blame people for not having the means to live better we do very little to help them attain better.

One of the main problems of this country is our materialism, this was showcased in both sessions of the class. In reality it’s the populations need for more that causes us to be where we are. In a world in which things of importance are shadowed by ads and promotions of materials.

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