Last week we talked about the pros and cons of Fashion. What I liked most about the readings is how it went into detail on how Fashion is needed in the world . It stated that Fashion helps bring creativity and change. Everyday there’s something new going on in the fashion world .
I chose my major thinking about just changing the culture of clothes . Learning more and more about fashion ,I realized that there’s more to fashion than just clothes. Fashion is music, technology ,& the way you handle yourself or live day to day. Saying that, whatever decision you choose it can make or break the people or environment around you. Some of the cons were that a lot of waste(clothes) are being put in landfills and causing pollution and many other things. My group talked about how people don’t really think this deep into what they’re doing as they’re producing clothes and fabrics. We talked about how certain companies are beginning to reuse their materials ,becoming more sustainable . Once more companies see that then it will become a chain event around the world. We can inspire others to change their self-narratives by simply changing our own perspectives and actions.

During our meditation , I began to to think way too much but after 2min everything calmed down. I would focus on certain situations and try to solve them in my head. Once I did that then everything went back to normal and I’m just listening to my surroundings and my body. Breathing,what do I feel?, and how hungry I am are all the thoughts that begin to eventually start to pop up in my head towards the end of the mediation . All and All mediation really helps soothe my mind and focus on the right things .

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