My Sustainable Journey Blog 2

The lectures this week were interesting. I am interested in biomimicry even if I don’t fully understand it. I know it’s about inspiration from nature and mimicking how nature solves its own problems, but not knowing much about science and biology so I don’t understand how they figure all that stuff out. So, the concept of biomimicry is a really cool mystery to me. As for the How We Think lecture I saw an interesting quote online that was “individually we are a drop, together we are an ocean” that I feel relates to sustainability. One drop of water can make a wet spot just as one person can make a small difference, but gathered all together a bunch of people working together on one goal can make a huge difference, like an ocean. I believe that if more people gathered together within one community to vow to be more sustainable could influence another community and so on to help change our world.

The mapping exercise in our learning community was cool because it gave a cleaner concept of how to potentially solve the problems of sustainability within our field. We could pick a problem like how furniture and mattresses end up in landfills when people want new furniture and link it to a potential solution. Such as an episode of Dirty Jobs I once saw where a county in North Carolina had a drop off program for mattress to be stripped apart and each part of the mattress would be recycled. However due to the cost of recycling the mattress the program was not renewed, but if more cities or companies had programs like these with some sort of donation program we could have less furniture and mattress waste in the landfills!

In the article Abandoning Ship Titanistad I found it very interesting that the author compares our way of life to the Titanic and Amistad ships. He says that we are like the ships with the high-class wealthy on top and the lower class in miserable living conditions on bottom, but when the ship hits the iceberg it affected everyone. Just like when our world hits the “iceberg” of failing because of our depleted resources and unsustainable practices, it will affect everyone. As the author suggests we need to spread the world and start taking action to make a better future now.

The in-class meditating was not my favorite… Now if we were not sitting in a hot classroom in the most uncomfortable chairs ever made maybe it would have been more enjoyable. I could not focus however on the visual we were supposed to be visualizing. Unfortunately, I did not get much out of that experience.

Janine Benyus TED talk is really inspiring to think of all of the possibilities and opportunities we can learn and mimic from nature. As she states nature has been solving its own problems since the beginning of time and we can learn so much from observing it. I think the possibility to have buildings be able to repair themselves or some sort of self-cleaning system would really be amazing.

The amazing discoveries that Ying Gao has had in the fashion industry is truly unique. Her designs have strange qualities and to me are a little out there for my taste but to be able to have the garments react in different ways is impressive and can really be a step in futuristic clothing.

The Living Building Challenge is a way to dramatically change how we think about design and construction in a more sustainable way. Projects that achieve Living Building Status can claim to be the ‘greenest’ anywhere, and will a great example for others that follow. There are many different levels and requirements for the Living Building Challenge to be able to be considered the ‘greenest’ building. This challenge is really inspiring to build more sustainable buildings; however, the process seems a little long and complicated but very rewarding in the long run!

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