Opposites Attract: Fashion and Poverty

All of the discussions in week three really spoke to me, in the sense that most the articles that we have read so far, I wasn’t quite able to connect with except for these two. On Tuesday we discussed an insightful article over fashion and sustainability. Fashion can be the leading pioneer for pivotal changes in the environment. Landfills, water pollution, air contamination and etc. can lots of the time be contributed to the textile and fashion industry. Our Western values contribute to a large on-going cycle of never-ending waste to keep up with current “fads” and trends. We haven’t successfully answered the question to: What do we do after clothing have been filtered from a manufacturer all the way down to a thrift store? … Well what we have been doing is lots and lots of disposing in areas of lower-income. Our first article of the week proposed how fashion can be used as a “stimulant” to grow interest in sustainable designs and waste reduction. Which is totally true, just as veganism is trending thanks to celebrities and instagram models featuring their diets and routines, it isn’t only for the rich and white but does help in lowering the amount of slaughtered animals and contributes to a society against animal cruelty in the meat industry. Thursday dug deeper into the stem of these problems, is poverty a vector of environmental degradation? I am on the yes team and fortunately that coincided with my beliefs on the specific article. We thrive on underdeveloped and impoverished countries to improve our own, simple as that. We have relied on methods of building up countries to make and manufacture nearly everything we use here in the US, leaving those areas susceptible to insane amounts of pollution and waste. One suggestion was for large cooperation to create partnerships with those who are in poverty across the globe… I see that this could go one of two ways: either it builds a foundation for those who initially start the partnership to continue this lifestyle and pass it on for generations or complete miscommunication between the two parties. This class makes me feel like my head is really underwater, I either feel very connected to what’s going on the world or so lost as to where to even start to help. Hopefully, I’ll get the answer soon.

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